Sometimes you look at what you eat and wonder what you are missing. I remember cooking for my parents for a while and leaving for a few days. When I came back they looked at me strangely. I asked them what had happened. It turned out they felt guilty because they had eaten ribs while I was away instead of the healthy food I was always making. I told them it was okay once in a while. So yes you can enjoy ribs, KFC or poutine once a month at the most and only one at a time. Otherwise you are just poisoning yourself. That is why I started Will on the Grill. I want to demonstrate that food is great in all its varied forms and healthy food tastes great.


Roasted Musty Pork

I couldn’t believe how fast this roast went down. Normally a roast will last for a few days and get used for sandwiches. It disappeared before my eyes more than it went down my stomach. Simple and great and I recommend rice as well as a steamed veggie as side dishes.

1/4 teaspoon celery seed 1/2 teaspoon oregano 1 teaspoon dry mustard

1 tablespoon Worcester sauce

2 leaves fresh basil

3 sprigs rosemary

2 large French shallots 1 large potato

3 leafy lops of celery mustard

1-11/2 pound lean pork roast

4 slice bacon

Put Worcester sauce on roast and set oven to 450 F.

Put spices on roast except shallots, rosemary and mustard.

Layer bottom of Corningware dish with sliced potato and shallots. Reserve some shallots for top of roast.

Take mustard and coat the top without spreading any spices too thin.

Finish the roast off with shallots on top and cut lean bacon in half and put on top. Cover and put in oven.

After 15 minutes turn oven temperature to 350 F and cook for about 45 minutes. Check centre and if red then cook longer.


Winchester 30-30 Teriyaki Delight

First you take a Winchester 30-30 and find a caribou or moose. Failing that, hopefully some kind soul will give you a piece of meat. I have used both caribou and moose in this recipe. It is one of the favorite at the dinner table and I get requested to do it again and again. The almonds and sunflower seeds really add to the flavour.

sesame oil

4 cloves garlic (3 finely chopped and 1 pressed)2 tablespoons ginger finely chopped 1/2 to 3/4 bottle of teriyaki sauce lemonized Soya sauce

1 – 2 lbs caribou or moose meat cut thinly with any fat removed

1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1/2 cup almonds

1 medium onion

4 baby carrots sliced thinly

1 stick celery

1 piece of broccoli (stalk trimmed and then sliced in 1/8 inch pieces)2 peppers deseeded and cut into chunks (I prefer red, yellow and orange) sugar snap peas or snow peas (optional)2 pieces of bok choy (optional) lemon grass (optional) other veggies you enjoy

After cutting the meat put in bowl with teriyaki sauce, 2/ 3 of the ginger, garlic press I clove and pour in some soy sauce. Mix and leave for at least a half hour. If you do not have lemonized Soya sauce then take half a lemon and squeeze. Don’t use it all as you’ll need some later.

Cover bottom of the wok or deep frying pan with sesame oil. Sprinkle with garlic and ginger. If you have decided to use lemon grass add it at this time. The lemon grass should be long and easy to see. Turn on high and add the meat, minus the marinade, once the oil starts to sizzle.

As the meat browns remove the lemon grass and add the harder vegetables like carrots and celery. Cover and lower heat to medium high. Add a half cup of water to the marinade.

Open top and add the other veggies, almonds and sunflower seeds. Sprinkle on Soya; add remaining lemon juice and teriyaki marinade. Mix well and cover for 5 minutes.

Open and discard top. Garlic and ginger lovers may add a little pressed garlic or ginger at this time. Stirring constantly add some teriyaki sauce to thicken and serve hot on a bed of rice.


Will’s Welsh Rabbit

In the past, rabbits were part of royal game preserves. Only the titled and their friends were permitted to hunt and consume rabbits. So Welsh Rabbit referred to melted cheese on toast. This is my little snack and one that is addictive. Yes, I’m an addict and so is my girlfriend even if she doesn’t want to admit it.

Corn Tostadas (Charras brand are great and come in three flavours) Cheese (your favorite kind)

Cut cheese into 1/8 inch strips and lay over tortilla.

Put into microwave for 30 seconds maximum. Look, and if cheese is melted then stop microwave. Enjoy as it’s better than chips. You even add salsa to the top after microwaving it.