Category: 2007-01-05

Mirabel lands set to be stolen all over again

Stephen Harper’s Conservative government missed a chance to right a wrong in the Mirabel Airport fiasco when it announced that the land will be sold back to the Mirabel farmers who were paid for it in the 1969 federal expropriation. That land belongs to the Mohawks. As the massive Mirabel Airport ... read more ››

The last days

This year was a tumultuous one, with the waves of progress beating on our shores of contentment and washing up the froths of excitement and or discontent. Whichever way you look at it, the last year is still memorable. The Great Accounting Book of Eeyou Istchee will record these past 12 ... read more ››

Feds green light Rupert diversion

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has given the go-ahead to the controversial $4 billion EM I-A Rupert River Diversion hydroelectric project that would effectively see one of North America’s last great virgin rivers reduced to little more than a creek. The announcement was made December 18, less than three weeks ... read more ››

Hard luck truck jinxes lawyer – Geoffroy loses job with Eeyou Economic Development

The Eeyou Economic Development board fired its lawyer Jocelyn Geoffroy during a board meeting December 7. The firing is the latest chapter in a long story of bad luck for a Waswanipi businessman that has people scratching their heads. A year ago, Waswanipi trucker Gary Cooper was having trouble paying off ... read more ››

Too many native kids live in poverty: report

One quarter of all Aboriginal children live in poverty according to a new report that calls on both the provincial and federal governments to ensure the basic needs of children are met so they can strive in other areas of life. The advocacy group Campaign 2000 released the study, called Oh ... read more ››

Ten years on, RCAP gathers dust

Ten years after the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, the vast majority of the landmark report’s recommendations have not been met, says the Assembly of First Nations. The AFN has flunked Canada on its response to the report: “based on our assessment, Canada has failed in terms of its actions to ... read more ››

Sticking it to resolutions

Believe it or not, New Year’s resolution-making has been around significantly longer than anyone would imagine as the tradition dates back to Roman times. The word January comes from the mythological Roman god, Janus who was the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings, and endings. He is depicted with having ... read more ››

Life in a box

Hi, my name is Xavier and I am a video game addict. Now of course I am joking but video games can be addictive. I broke away from video games for many years because I considered them childish. After all, I was getting older and I thought I would grow ... read more ››