This year was a tumultuous one, with the waves of progress beating on our shores of contentment and washing up the froths of excitement and or discontent. Whichever way you look at it, the last year is still memorable.

The Great Accounting Book of Eeyou Istchee will record these past 12 months as Year ’04 A.I.R, (or ’04 Rd’B.). The year when the dollar grew stronger, so how are our investments coming along? The year when an environmental impact statement left an impact on the environment. The year when people resolved to eliminate diabetes and other self-inflicted maladies. The year when the government colours changed from red to blue. The year when we went to war, instead of keeping the peace. The year when three per cent of our population turned 18. The year the Cold War reared its ugly head and spies abounded, including the north….

The last year had only 365 days, jam packed with strange documented occurrences, some in our own back yard. Take the case of one employee who passed stringent qualifications to gain lawful employment and who turned out to be some sort of spy? It turned out that he had bragged about being a Russian spy, but we retorted back with our double 0 numbers, joking and laughing.

Seems like the joke was on us when he hit the news after being arrested at Pierre Trudeau Airport in Dorval one fine November day.

What next? A Taliban offensive in Eeyou Istchee? The second coming? Dabaw! What a year!How about the polygamists who have evaded the law hiding out in one barn or another, living under the guise of a spin-off religion (from the Latter Days) and had more than 20 wives and 60 children? Let’s look at the economy of that situation: a couple hundred per month each kid for family allowance, tax rebates, Costco sharing, hand-me-downs, grow-your-own-food using the women, use the kids when they grow up, raise one to be a priest, one to be a prophet, one to be the mechanic and one to be the lawyer, to keep daddy out of jail.

There’s lots of ways to save when you have your own population to care for. Somehow, that scenario seems so ancient, when a good man was hard to find, since most of them had killed each other over kingdoms and stuff like that, but I can’t see that today in these modern times (just my opinion folks, I believe that one women is already enough trouble to handle).

Whatever the last year held in store for us, I’m sure that the answer to some troubling question like diabetes will be solved, since Canada has discovered that the pancreas has something to do with triggering diabetes in unlucky people. And can be cured with a little southern heat in the form of chili peppers. I’m sure that whatever the future turns out to be, it will eventually be a good one for humanity. Happy Holidays!