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Thanks to the Nation

I do owe a debt of gratitude to the Nation for giving me my start in journalism and specifically to the author of this piece (Vol 16, Issue 15, Cleaning Up at the QCNA Awards), Lyle Stewart, who helped me the most to guide me along the way. I enjoyed working ... read more ››

Clarifying the Oujé-Bougoumou meetings

I read with interest the recent articles in The Nation (Vol 16, Issues 11 & 12, April 10 & 24, 2009) on the presentation at the end of March to the Oujé-Bougoumou people of the results of the risk assessment of metals released to the environment in the course of ... read more ››

Building a business despite exclusivity

Regarding the article “Exclusive Turf” (Vol. 16, Issue 10, March 27, 2009), you should correct the statement regarding the BuroPlus franchise store in Val-d’Or (Gyva). This operation holds the dealership for Lacasse office furniture and Mistissini, according to Lacasse, falls within the territory of the Val-d’Or BuroPlus store (Gyva). There ... read more ››

Get Your Facts Straight

I am writing in response to the recent comments made by the respected Boyce Richardson published in the Nation (Vol 16, Issue 10, March 27, 2009) and 9 Will Nicholls’) comments as editor-in-chief. Since your failure to return my telephone call, I have decided to write to you on this ... read more ››

Kick Out the Drug Dealers

In this letter, I will talk about what the drug dealers are doing to our children and especially to our people! Everyone knows what’s happening in our own backyards that drugs are escalating in our Cree communities! I know, because I am a recovering drug addict. I am getting tired of ... read more ››

To: The Editorial Board of the Nation

Regarding the article in the brief section of the Nation (Vol. 16, No. 10 March 27, 2009). Why does this magazine keep dragging the former Grand Chief Ted Moses through the mud. Is it because it’s election year for the Grand Council. Personally, this person is my best friend, was my Chief ... read more ››

Fond memories of a road trip

It was June 2000 when we set out on our journey to Toronto. Darren Stephen, Nolan Diamond, Travis Diamond, Fabian Hester and I travelled by float-plane to the Hydro station, where we piled into my little Ford station wagon. Fond memories of blasting Celine Dion and singing at the top ... read more ››

Cree Nation Trust

I am writing in response to the January 30, 2009 article entitled “Nest egg cracks” (Nation, Vol. 16, Issue 6). First off, although I spoke with Will Nicholls on several occasions and provided him with a copy of the Trust’s presentation to the December Council Board meeting, I was never ... read more ››

To my Grandmother

– Are you Cree? – Yes, I am. – Where are you from? – From Waswanipi. My mother is Jane Sagnash and my grandmother is Mary. Ghukum Mary. – Ohhh…of course. I know Ghukum Mary! Some of the Elders even tell me that they knew my grandfather. I feel pride when somebody tells me this, ... read more ››

Dear President Obama

We, the students, staff, teachers and administration of Ecole Wabannutao Eeyou School in the Cree Nation of Eastmain, Quebec, Canada, are delighted to be able to take this opportunity to congratulate you today. We would like you to know that your new administration with its focus on “Hope” and “Change”, as ... read more ››

On the Road to Victory

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer benefiting the Jewish General Hospital is a 60-km, two-day walk and is scheduled each summer in Montreal on August 23 and 24. This has been a great privilege for me and my husband to walk for the second time in this event. It is ... read more ››

In loving memory of Mary Alice Rabbitskin a.k.a. JooJet

D.O.B. January 1, 1943 went home July 28, 2008. First and foremost I would like to thank God for letting me know Mary Alice, also known as JooJet. When I first heard the news it was like a shock to me. I couldn’t believe it I kept saying in ... read more ››

Community Violence

This letter is a response to the article in a recent issue of the Nation (Vol. 15, No. 22). Here are my comments and opinions of what happened to me. The way I see life in my community has changed knowing that we have serious cases of mental and ... read more ››