Regarding the article “Exclusive Turf” (Vol. 16, Issue 10, March 27, 2009), you should correct the statement regarding the BuroPlus franchise store in Val-d’Or (Gyva). This operation holds the dealership for Lacasse office furniture and Mistissini, according to Lacasse, falls within the territory of the Val-d’Or BuroPlus store (Gyva). There is no law that prohibits this and the problem is how does a small start-up business, like S&S Office Depot or Cree Sports and Outdoors Center, break this practice.

Gyva did not refuse anything and at no time did we ask Gyva for an account. We consider them a competitor not a supplier or distributor. What we were talking about is dealerships and in some cases franchises. The established businesses are located 89km or even as far away as Val-d’Or and still have Mistissini as part of their protected region. This means we, S&S, are not permitted access to the product or on the same price platform as the dealer or that we are reduced to sell as a reseller and this puts us at a disadvantage.

The reality of the situation is that within the territory it’s the Cree entities and population that have the purchasing power and they sustain many of these businesses that hold the dealerships within the region. If their purchasing power would ever be focused to Cree business then that financial clout would be the best cure for this problem. Believe me if the orders are on the table the leverage to negotiate changes the dynamic significantly.

We will continue to work hard and increase sales and ordering volume, it takes time, dedication and support to build successful businesses and access to product is an essential element. We make calls every day trying to get the products and we will continue to do so.

Thank you for the excellent article, your support and for trying to raise consciousness.

Steven Forward
Manager, S&S Office Depot

• • •

Steven Forward provided the Nation with the following email message sent to him on March 10 from Groupe Lacasse.

Hi M. Forward,

I’m writing you down this email to confirm that we can not open you as a reseller of Groupe Lacasse because we gave the exclusivity, for this area, to Bureau Gyva, with M. Gilles Frigon.


Anne Klang