Regarding the article in the brief section of the Nation (Vol. 16, No. 10 March 27, 2009).
Why does this magazine keep dragging the former Grand Chief Ted Moses through the mud. Is it because it’s election year for the Grand Council. Personally, this person is my best friend, was my Chief and was also my Grand Chief.
Members of this community are proud of what he has done and accomplished for the Cree community of Eastmain and also for the Cree Nation.
It has been seven years that the community of Eastmain has read, heard how your magazine and other people have blackballed this great leader of our community and great leader of the Cree Nation.
Enough is enough.
I’m hoping other Chiefs will support me in defending my friend and great leader.
Edward Gilpin
Cree Nation of Eastmain

Editorial Board: We thank you for your comments on the news brief. The article did mention that former Grand Chief Ted Moses was related to Laura Moses. This is standard practice.
Whenever the relative of a president, prime minister, premier, governor or any public figure is named in a news story, their family connection is usually noted. It was not meant to imply any wrongdoing on the part of the former Grand Chief.