In this letter, I will talk about what the drug dealers are doing to our children and especially to our people! Everyone knows what’s happening in our own backyards that drugs are escalating in our Cree communities! I know, because I am a recovering drug addict.

I am getting tired of seeing drug dealers selling drugs to our children! I want to let all the drug dealers to STOP selling drugs in our own communities! You are hurting them and stopping their dreams from coming true! It’s time that we, as parents, inform the police, who is selling drugs in our Cree communities! We need to take a stand against drugs in our communities and to let them know that we care about our children and their safety.

Selling drugs is the lowest job you could ever do. If you are a pusher or a drug dealer… get a real job! Stop destroying our children’s lives before you destroy your own life!

It’s time to make a stand against drugs! So, let’s go for it… get out the drug dealers out of our Cree communities!

Christopher Stephen