Volume 14, Issue 24

‘Where are all the bodies?’ – Reverend Kevin Annett searches for the kids who never came home from residential school

For many years, Reverend Kevin Annett has been searching for answers in the vast coverup over what really happened in Canada’s residential school system. The biggest mystery concerns the final resting places of the children who were sent to residential school, but never returned. In 1992, when he arrived at St. ... read more ››

A 5% solution

I remember the days when everyone had to pay at least some income tax. That was also the time when the annual income tax return had to be filled out by hand. Those days may still be here, but it seems that whenever I make my tax return, I don’t get ... read more ››

Air Creebec plane crash lands – Two pilots perish on Chibougamau runway; cause currently under investigation

Air Creebec staff are in mourning after a crash took the lives of two pilots during an ill-fated attempt to land at Chibougamau Airport October 25. It is still unclear at this time what caused the crash. Air Creebec President Albert Diamond would not speculate on possible causes until an investigation ... read more ››

Alouettes host Cree kids – Over 200 jubilant teens take off for space camp, Als game

For the second year in a row kids from Eeyou Istchee were invited to Montreal and Laval to take in an Alouettess game and to check out the Cosmodome Space Science Centre. They learned about zero gravity, the effects of space travel on the astronauts and by the looks on ... read more ››

Breastfeeding Week

The first annual Breastfeeding Week kicked off in Eeyou Istchee in early October, and by all accounts it was a great learning experience. The Public Health Department, Nutritionists, Community Health Representatives, and Nurses in the nine communities held different activities to promote breastfeeding as part of the traditional Cree culture. Over ... read more ››

Cleaning with poison – Our household cleaners are an environment menace

Every day we expose ourselves to chemicals that can be extremely dangerous. Dishwashing liquid, anti-bacterial cleaners, even air fresheners: all contain highly toxic ingredients. Not only do we come in contact with these products, but we expose our children and pets to them. According to the CBC program The Nature of ... read more ››

Living off the grid – The upfront costs are high but freedom is its own reward

Sustainable development and renewable energy may be the buzzwords these days, but as the technology is new and often expensive, many wonder how feasible it is to integrate them into our everyday lives. According to DJ MacIntyre, the president of Le Boisé Alternatives, a company that distributes and installs solar, wind ... read more ››

Many elders affected by arthritis

Several weeks ago I saw a gaggle of geese flying south. It seemed to me that the end of August was a little early for them. They made their presence obvious with loud honking while flying in that familiar V shape. I learned early on from my Elders that the sight ... read more ››

Melissa Pash honoured at CAMA

Chisasibi’s multi-talented musician Melissa Pash is this year’s winner of the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards’ Music Industry Award. The award is given to an individual making a significant, positive impact on Canadian Aboriginal music. Pash wasn’t expecting to win the award. She is very flattered, she says, but it doesn’t change ... read more ››

Rev. Annett’s lonely fight

The abuse and murder suffered by generations of Aboriginal children at residential school is the most horrific and blatant attempt to commit cultural genocide against Aboriginal peoples in Canada’s checkered history. It is a story everyone should be familiar with by now. Those children did not only suffer sexual, physical and ... read more ››

Survivors targeted by con artists

Residential school survivors have become choice targets for criminals looking to cash in on large government payouts. The vast majority of the people receiving payments expected to total an average amount of $28,000 are Elders. They are seen as more susceptible to physical, emotional, and financial abuse, say groups who are ... read more ››

The rebate game – Incentives to do good and save energy

When it comes to energy giants, no matter where you are in North America and no matter whom your energy provider is, chances are they are trying to sell you on living “greener.” Across Canada, various provincial energy distributors have individual plans to help their clients live more efficiently, with options ... read more ››

Walking healthier path – Knowledge is power for Cree diabetics

With the diabetes epidemic approaching 20 per cent of the Cree population,Diabetes Awareness Month has taken on new meaning as almost no one in the communities can say that their lives remain untouched by the disease. In light of this, four Eeyou women who are living with the disease have ... read more ››