The first annual Breastfeeding Week kicked off in Eeyou Istchee in early October, and by all accounts it was a great learning experience. The Public Health Department, Nutritionists, Community Health Representatives, and Nurses in the nine communities held different activities to promote breastfeeding as part of the traditional Cree culture.

Over 44 breastfeeding mothers and their families participated in the breastfeeding challenge, reuniting as many breastfeeding moms in the same place at the same time. Many Elders were also present and passed on their invaluable experience with the new generations.

Breastfeeding offers invaluable protection to mothers and babies against infection and disease, including a lowered risk of contracting diabetes and leukemia later in life.

For those interested in finding out more about breastfeeding, a video entitled A Mother’s Love – Breastfeeding in Iiyiyiu Aschii was launched November 7 in Chisasibi and is currently available for viewing at your local Community Health Centre.