Volume 12, Issue 10

Are You Ready for the End of the World?

According to Mayan legend, the world will end. It’s also been foretold by the Bible that the four horsemen will ride among mankind, wreaking havoc among sinners unfortunate enough to have been bypassed by the Rapture. Indeed, the Hopi Nation even went to the United Nations to warn the world’s ... read more ››

Cree Broadcasting Website

After years of discussing the possibility, it’s now a reality. The Cree Radio Network can now be heard on the Internet. “We worked on it seriously this time around,” said Luke MacLeod, Executive Director of the James Bay Cree Communications Society. MacLeod said going online was something that was needed. “There have ... read more ››

Easter Phobias

Many things come to mind when thinking of the holiday that accompanies spring’s joyful arrival. One of them is how the dates are determined. I checked the Bible and it seems to end in the year 2016, which I interpret as being the next time good ol’ J.C. is to ... read more ››

Eastmain Search and Rescue Team Recovers Missing Man

The Eastmain search and rescue team successfully recovered a Waskaganish snowmobiler who was reported missing on March 22. The search brought together five different departments from Eastmain and Waskaganish. The search for the man, who has not been identified, started at 7 pm and ended when he was recovered at 11:30 ... read more ››

Editor of the Nation Finally Comes Out of the Closet! – Now It Can Be Told; Will Nicholls Is Half-Sasquatch!

In a shocking coming-out-of-the-closet of sorts, Nation Editor Will Nicholls announced that the reason for his hairy back is he’s half-Sasquatch! In an exclusive interview with Nicholls, the Nation Enquirer learned that his birth father was a Sasquatch and that his real last name was something other than Nicholls, but could ... read more ››

Minnesota Native Kills 9 people, Then Himself

Sixteen-year-old Jesse Wiese shot and killed his grandparents before heading to high school and gunning down seven other people, including a teacher, a security guard and five students, according to Minnesota police. The incident happened March 21 at the Red Lake High School on the Red Lake reservation in Northern Minnesota. Twelve ... read more ››

Montreal Murder Trial Postponed

Mistissini’s Linda Shecapio, 32, will wait until April 13 to face charges in a Montreal murder case. On October 27, Shecapio got into an argument with her 19-year-old Inuk boyfriend, Charlie Ekomiak, according to Montreal police. Police allege she then stabbed him to death. Ekomiak, originally from Chisasibi, collapsed on the corner ... read more ››

No Wonder They’re Unpopular

Faced with a nickel-and-diming car dealer, Chisasibi couple vows to go elsewhere. The old adage that the customer is always right doesn’t apply when dealing with Aube Pontiac Buick in Val d’Or, according to Chisasibi resident Delores Audet-Washipabano. Washipabano says she and her husband called their dealer from Chisasibi to get a ... read more ››

School Board May Increase Funding – But Not Soon Enough for Chisasibi Woman

Chisasibi’s Elizabeth Rednose is disillusioned with the Cree School Board and what she refers to as “1981 funding levels” for students. She says financial restraints imposed on her as a 41-year-old post secondary student don’t reflect the current cost of living. Rednose will graduate this spring and hopes to find a ... read more ››

Val d’Or: Montre-Moi Tes Couleurs – Anti-racism Marchers Make Elimination of Racism Day in Val d’Or

About 600 people marched through the city of Val d’Or March 18 to raise awareness on racism. This is the fifth consecutive year the Native Friendship Centre of Val d’Or has sponsored the march. Organizer Karen Buskue was pleased that the march attracted non-natives, as well. “Other community organizations like the commission ... read more ››

Waswanipi Youth Takes Own Life

Waswanipi buried one of its own recently due to another suicide within the Cree Nation. A 15 year-old youth was found in her basement at 9:15 am on March 17 after she apparently took her own life. The police officer that responded to the call could not be reached for comment.

What Is The Funniest Joke You Played On Someone?

In this issue of the pulse the nation interviewed people in Eeyou Istchee to see if they have any jokes for April fools day. Jane Swallow of Chisasibi: My son George played a joke on his wife and his mother-in-law. He told them that I was expecting another child, probably my ... read more ››