ARTICLES BY Norman Fireman

Hockey Brings Father and Son Together After 29 Years Apart

Hockey may bring people together in First Nations across Canada, but in Daniel Martinhunter’s case, the sport helped him meet a son he hadn’t seen in 29 years. The Chisasibi resident had never forgotten the boy who left with his mother to move to Ontario after a separation almost three decades ... read more ››

Revenue Sharing With Hydro Quebec

For this issue The Nation asked people for their thoughts on the $1.5 million the Crees will receive as their share of revenue growth from Hydro Quebec’s exploitation of hydroelectricity in Cree territory. Bertie Wapachee, Nemaska: “If you look at the average, about $2 billion a year on 1,000 megawatts of ... read more ››

Fontaine at Montreal Business Gala

First Nations leaders from across Canada gathered at the Loews Hotel Vogue in Montreal April 20 to talk business. The message at the Convergence Gala was all about business opportunities, networking and partnerships with First Nations. The Gala featured a special presentation by the National Chief of the Assembly of First ... read more ››

How Does Suicide Affect You?

In this issue The Nation asked people about suicide, how it affects them or the Cree Nation. Lillian M.H. Angatookaluk, Chisasibi: Life is very important! Suicide causes great pain to loved ones who are left behind. Our creator has given us great wisdom to look forward to and accept his blessings. ... read more ››

Who Killed the First Goose?

Every year the Nation desparately phones around to see who gets the kudos for killing the first goose in their community. Geese represent the beginning of spring for many Crees. It is also the end of winter and the lean times for trappers living on country food. So here’s the ... read more ››

First Life-Skills Students Graduate From Montreal Friendship Centre

The Montreal Native Friendship Centre hosted its first graduation ceremony March 23, after setting up a life skills training program last year. Twenty-four of 30 students graduated in the first wave. “That’s a great percentage,” said Sky Bellefleur, the trainer for the Life Skills Training Program. The program teaches Aboriginal history and ... read more ››

Your Favorite Goose Hunting Spot

The Nation asked a few goose hunters in Eeyou Istchee for their favorite goose hunting spots. We also asked what qualities make for a good goose boss, or whether a goose boss is even needed. Harry Scipio of Chisasibi: My favorite goose hunting spot is at Seal River far north of ... read more ››

What Is The Funniest Joke You Played On Someone?

In this issue of the pulse the nation interviewed people in Eeyou Istchee to see if they have any jokes for April fools day. Jane Swallow of Chisasibi: My son George played a joke on his wife and his mother-in-law. He told them that I was expecting another child, probably my ... read more ››

Val d’Or: Montre-Moi Tes Couleurs – Anti-racism Marchers Make Elimination of Racism Day in Val d’Or

About 600 people marched through the city of Val d’Or March 18 to raise awareness on racism. This is the fifth consecutive year the Native Friendship Centre of Val d’Or has sponsored the march. Organizer Karen Buskue was pleased that the march attracted non-natives, as well. “Other community organizations like the commission ... read more ››

Are The Cree Experiencing NHL Withdrawal?

It’s what every hockey fan dreaded. The NHL lockout appears to be lasting forever and will be as slow to resolve as the curling matches that replaced hockey on CBC. It was a money issue, a greed issue, some say. It was about salary caps by greedy owners. It was ... read more ››

Celebrating Women in Eeyou Istchee

In this issue the Nation marks March 8th, International Women’s Day, by asking people in Eeyou Istchee about the women they look up to and why. Marjorie Mark of Eastmain: When I was asked who are the women I admire most or look up to, I thought I would not only ... read more ››

Residential School Issues

For this issue we look at how we can heal ourselves from the effects of residential school. The Nation interviewed some residential school survivors who attended different institutions in Quebec and Ontario. From Chisasibi, Irene House: We have to begin with the history of the residential school effects. We have to ... read more ››

Hunting Regulations in Eeyou Istchee: What do you think?

The question we pose for this issue concerns gun regulations or hunting restrictions. Some of the regulations from section 57 of the Conservation Act state that no one is to leave a cartridge in the chamber or charger. No one is to shoot a firearm from a vehicle, including a ... read more ››

Board Removes C.T.A. President from Office

Citing a lack of leadership, the Cree Trappers Association board of directors voted to fire CTA President Johnny Cooper December 9. Cooper says he is stunned by the decision “I didn’t feel too happy,” he told the Nation. “It wasn’t a very good Christmas gift.” CTA Director Donald Gilpin, who has been ... read more ››

Quiet Christmas in the Communities

Police forces throughout Eeyou Istchee reported a relatively quiet holiday period this year, with only one gun offense and a lower-than-usual level of disturbances. “It wasn’t as bad as it was in the past,” said Chisasibi police spokesperson Lyle Cox. “We didn’t have many calls to respond to this time. People ... read more ››

New Year’s Resolutions

In this issue of the Pulse of the Nation we asked people in Eeyou Istchee for their New Year’s resolutions. It is good to know people are getting health-minded and want to better themselves physically, but we only heard from one person who wants to quit bingo or gambling. Charles Bobbish, ... read more ››

24th Annual Cree Hockey Tournament

The 24th Annual Cree Nation Hockey Tournament took place at the Palais des sports arena in Val d’Or from December 17-21st. The Class “A” Hockey Champions were the Mistissini Trappers. In class “B”, the Kuujuak Umimaqs took home the prize, while the Waskaganish Ex-Wings triumphed in class “C”. Below is a list ... read more ››

Ghosts of Christmas Past – Elders Remember the Christmases of Their Youth

Billy Stephen, Waskaganish: When I was young, children usually just got bannock for Christmas. Our parents always reminded us that Christmas is Jesus’ Birthday so we were always happy to celebrate Christmas even with just a little food. Just before Christmas our Dad told us to go cut down a ... read more ››

Childcare Expanding Fast in Eeyou Istchee

Lucie Bergeron is a child and family advisor for the C.R.A. Bergeron has been instrumental in introducing professional childcare in Eeyou Istchee, which will complete its 10-year development plan in the coming year. Bergeron was involved in helping to build childcare centres in all the Cree Communities, including the first centre ... read more ››

Two-Spirited People in Eeyou Istchee

For this issue the Nation interviewed people on what they thought about two-spirited people or how they’re treated in Eeyou Istchee. Nina Diamond from Waskaganish: “I think everybody’s civilized in life. As far as I’m concerned I worked with them on front basis. We’re all civilized people. There’s room for everybody ... read more ››

Getting Wound Up Over Wind Power

In this issue we look at what people thought about future wind power projects proposed by Canadian Wind Energy Association, to test opinion in favour of wind power projects to be built in Eeyou Istchee rather than damming up rivers. Roger Orr of Nemaska says wind power and other sources of ... read more ››

New Cree Minor Hockey League to Hit Ice

Raymond Shanoush is excited about the prospects for the Cree Nation’s young hockey prospects. Shanoush is the president of the newly created Cree Hockey League that is taking its first shots across Eeyou Istchee. “We’re just going to have exhibition games just to feel the ground,” Shanoush said in an interview. ... read more ››

Algonquins Want Better Agreement With Quebec Government

A logging blockade by the Algonquins of Lac Simon and Winneway is forcing the forestry giant Domtar to shut down two sawmills – one in Malartic and another near Val d’Or – on November 19. The blockade checkpoint was set up August 30 over the lack of longterm forestry management plan. The ... read more ››

Health Care Expenses Lead To Dispute – Mistissini Man Says Chibougamau Hospital Failed To Heal Him, But Health Board Won’t Pay For Treatment Expenses In Montreal

A Mistissini man is embroiled in a dispute with the Cree Health Board over hospital care – or lack thereof – he received at Chibougmau Hospital. Charlo Iserhoff was badly injured in an alcohol-fueled fight in Mistissini September 23. Passersby found him in the ditch at 5 am. The police were ... read more ››

Goose & Moose Break

This week we look at Moose and Goose Break. Along the coast of James Bay people are out goose hunting and further inland they are out Moose hunting. We asked people their observations and of course how they like their goose or moose cooked. George Snowboy Sr, Chisasibi said he didn’t ... read more ››

Members Say Forestry Board Off To Good Start

The first anniversary of the Cree-Quebec Forestry Board gave its founders cause for celebration and a little self-congratulation when the board’s first annual report was delivered at a conference in Val d’Or on September 24. The Cree-Quebec Forestry Board also used the occasion to launch a contest to draw a logo ... read more ››