Volume 12, Issue 1

Attack of the Clones a Reality

It was on the seventh of November just after midnight when I even had an inkling that something was wrong. I tried to withdraw some money, but my dependable and convenient bank card was refused at two locations. I knew I had money in my account. One of the people ... read more ››

F/P/T/A Aboriginal Affairs Meeting

After three years of focusing on ways to strengthen Aboriginal participation in the economy, especially the participation of women and youth, an intergovernmental group that was put together to discuss and improve Aboriginal Affairs has put two new priorities on their agenda. The group will now explore the housing and ... read more ››

JBNQA Reflections

On November 12, 2002 a reception was held at the Bibliotech National de Quebec in Quebec City to launch a new book. Reflections on the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, edited by Alain-G Gagnon and Guy Rocher. The text comes after a symposium of the same name, and as ... read more ››

Mistissini’s Story of the Christmas Spirit

Wreath of Hope Since 1990, Meechum has been involved in helping those less fortunate at Christmas. The Wreath of Hope began as a food drive, where customers purchased additional food items during their weekly shopping and placed items on a counter for families in need. Later these would be sorted and ... read more ››

Seeing is Believing

Most people I know who have spent a lot of time up north on the land have a very good sense of sight. With little effort, they are able to pick out birds or animals while out on the land. This has always been difficult for me as I wear a ... read more ››

The Invasion of Eeyou Istchee – Non-Native Hunters Overrun Caribou Grounds

It may sound like a headline from Iraq, but this time it’s Cree territory that is being invaded. The annual Caribou Hunt for non-Native hunters opened Nov. 15. Since then many Crees have fled their hunting camps because of the danger of being shot accidentally. Stories of bullets whizzing by are ... read more ››

Tis the Season

“To live is not to live for one’s self alone, let us help one another” – wise words from Greek playwright Menander. That being said, *tis no secret that the Christmas season is upon us as we have been bombarded with commercials and ads for new fangled shiny gifts that ... read more ››

When You Need a Break From the Holidays

It seemed like just yesterday (in fact it was three weeks ago) when all the goblins, witches and masks were put away, when someone in a red suit started making his appearance. Give me a break man, are there only three months of the year when we are safe from ... read more ››