On November 12, 2002 a reception was held at the Bibliotech National de Quebec in Quebec City to launch a new book. Reflections on the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, edited by Alain-G Gagnon and Guy Rocher. The text comes after a symposium of the same name, and as the title suggests, the is collection of essays that explore in great depth that historic agreement, signed November 11,1975.

Over 20 specialists and historical witnesses, including both Cree and Inuit contributors, discuss governance, territorial development, implementation and environment. The book also contains a chronology of major historical events concerning the Aboriginal peoples who benefit from the Agreement, a bibliography of essential books and statistical reference points on those Aboriginal peoples involved in signing the Agreement.

One very interesting feature of the book is that it is available in two bilingual publications: English and French or Cree and Inuktitutt. A team of translators consisting of Brian Webb, Luci Salt, Anna Blacksmith, Louise Blacksmith, Eva Moar, Ella Neeposh and Annette Neeposh were contracted to translate every essay, map and caption.

The event was attended by important Cree luminaries such as Dr. Ted Moses (who also authored one of the essays) and Alfred Loon. Authors and organizers, such as Stéphan Gervais from McGill’s Quebec/ Canada Studies, rubbed shoulders with Quebec dignitaries. Beesum Communications, who coordinated the translations, was also represented.