“To live is not to live for one’s self alone, let us help one another” – wise words from Greek playwright Menander. That being said, *tis no secret that the Christmas season is upon us as we have been bombarded with commercials and ads for new fangled shiny gifts that we probably don’t need ever since Halloween came and went. During this time of almost unavoidable overindulgence it is easy to forget that this is supposed to be the season of giving of yourself rather than the season of giving and getting material possessions. Hanging with the family and friends, being jolly and joyful, it is important to remember those less fortunate who do not have enough money or food to make for a happy season. Each community has a program for collecting food and donations of all kinds to pass on to those families, called the “Wreath of Hope” in one community, “Teshipataakan” in another and even simply “the food bank” in another. So now is the time to drop your gifts in the boxes that are located at the stores, banks and schools in your community. Communities are going to be holding fund raising events like penny socials, bake sales and bingos to help raise money, and some communities have requested some specific donations of diapers and turkeys. The following is the list of contact people, donation drop off points and specific donation requests for each community. You can contact them for any further information. Try to drop off a dollar or two, or pick up an extra can of goods or diapers so that everyone can experience the wonder and joy of Christmas this year. As the Dalai Lama says, “the key point is kindness.”


Called the “food bank,” the committee writes letters of request to each entity for donations. They have donation boxes for money located at the CIBC, First Nations, COOP and Northern Stores, as well as at restaurants in the community. They will be holding penny socials between Nov. 21 and Dec. 18, a bingo on Nov. 26 as well as a Giant Bingo, the date of which has yet to be announced. There are over 332 families in need this year. Anyone willing to help in anyway can contact Edward Tapiatic at (819) 855-2878.


The Wellness Centre will be holding a food drive this year, with boxes located at the Northern and the Grocery Store. There are 28 families in need this year. Donations of small turkeys would be much appreciated as well as wild meat of any kind, which can be brought to the Wellness Centre. Donations of any kind are welcome and the person to contact is Sally J. Gilpin at (819) 977-2000.


For fundraising activities for the Wreath of Hope, or for “Angel Tree” donations, please contact Beverly Quinn at (418) 923-3262.


The Women’s Group will be holding the food drive this year, with boxes located at the band office and other entities. There will be a Christmas banquet for all the children of the community, the date of which is to be announced. There are 20 families in need this year and they have requested donations of non-perishable food items only. The person to contact is Reggie Neeposh at (418) 745-3911.


The Wellness Centre is in charge of the TasHipaTaaKan program and will be seeking donations for of all kinds through penny socials, takeouts and a bake sale that will be held between November 22nd and December 15th. There will be food boxes located at all entities in the community where donations of food, presents for small children and diapers would be much appreciated. There are 120 families in need and anyone wanting more info can contact Nina or Linda Diamond at the Wellness Society at (819) 895-2204/2203.


The Wellness Centre is responsible for the food drive and delivering the food baskets. The food bank will be writing letters to request donations from all entities this year. There will be boxes in the grocery stores for donations of non-perishable goods and diapers, Money donations are also welcome. A Christmas party for children under 12 will be held at the Wellness Centre at a date to be announced. Kerri-Lynn Stewart is the contact person for any further information at (819) 978-3868.


Contact person is Arlene George at 819-929-3203.

All communities would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and wish to express their appreciation to those who have donated in the past and to those who will be donating this year.