Wreath of Hope

Since 1990, Meechum has been involved in helping those less fortunate at Christmas. The Wreath of Hope began as a food drive, where customers purchased additional food items during their weekly shopping and placed items on a counter for families in need. Later these would be sorted and divided into food boxes by volunteers.

Through hard work and experience, this method has changed. Customers, entities and fund raising events contribute cash towards the Wreath of Hope. A Wreath is displayed at Meechum to indicate the amount contributed by all community members. Food baskets are prepared, along with food vouchers, for about 50 families that are less fortunate at Christmas time. This assistance is also provided throughout the year, an average of about three families per month.

This project would not be possible and successful without our community effort. Thanks to generous contributions and commitments from entities, organizations, volunteers, and community members. As our letters of promotion state, “Let’s make our community a place we can all be proud to call home.”

Angel Tree

Last year, Meechum started an additional project called the Angel Tree. We had students from Grade Three and Grade Six make us at least 150 angels to hang on our tree. An angel for each child would be identified according to age and gender. Customers could remove the angel, purchase a gift for a child as indicated on the angel. They would bring the gift wrapped and tagged with child’s age and gender. Last year 150 gifts were donated. Thanks again to the generous contribution of community members, volunteers were able to deliver gifts to those less fortunate at Christmas time.