Volume 11, Issue 25

Cree’s Eligibility Challenged In Hawaiian Election

Louis “Cort” Gallup, a Cree from Alberta, is running into difficulties as a Democratic candidate for the Hawaii state legislature seat of South Maui. Originally from Calgary, Gallup argues the Jay Treaty makes him eligible to fully participate in politics on either side of the US-Canadian border. Signed in 1794, the Jay ... read more ››

Goose & Moose Break

This week we look at Moose and Goose Break. Along the coast of James Bay people are out goose hunting and further inland they are out Moose hunting. We asked people their observations and of course how they like their goose or moose cooked. George Snowboy Sr, Chisasibi said he didn’t ... read more ››

Health Care Expenses Lead To Dispute – Mistissini Man Says Chibougamau Hospital Failed To Heal Him, But Health Board Won’t Pay For Treatment Expenses In Montreal

A Mistissini man is embroiled in a dispute with the Cree Health Board over hospital care – or lack thereof – he received at Chibougmau Hospital. Charlo Iserhoff was badly injured in an alcohol-fueled fight in Mistissini September 23. Passersby found him in the ditch at 5 am. The police were ... read more ››

Innu Vote Marred By Heavy Drinking

The Innu Nation has picked a new president. Penote Ben Michel defeated incumbent Peter Penashue in the October 6 vote with 434 votes to 354. Penashue was president of the Innu Nation for most of the last 14 years but recently suffered a heart attack and planned to retire but ... read more ››

Logging Barricades Close Sawmills

Barricades thrown up by members of the Algonquin Nation at Lac Simon are being blamed for the closure of two nearby sawmills. Domtar has said that as a result of the barricades, they will be closing one sawmill in Malartic and another in Val d’Or because of a lack of trees ... read more ››

Nuudmessanaan…”The Place Where We Fish”

Nuudmessanaan is a fishing spot upriver from Waskaganish. Rezolution Pictures International went to visit Johnny Weistche and his wife Clymie. We were there to film them fishing. They had been fishing since August and Johnny listed off almost all the other Cree communities he sent the fish to. Johnny would check ... read more ››

Paopao’s Pow Wow – Cree School Kids Invited to Ottawa by Renegades Football Coach

For kids who were watching their first live professional football game, they sure didn’t look out of place. Approximately 70 screaming and cheering youth from Mistissini descended on the city of Ottawa October 8-10 to attend an Ottawa Renegades CFL game. The trip included tours of the national capital and was ... read more ››

The Night That Lightning Struck

It is a cold summer night; the wind is blowing wildly across the muskeg and forests surrounding the small community on the banks of the Attawapiskat River. A boy has bedded down for the night with his family and everyone lies awake inside the small canvas prospector’s tent. The wind ... read more ››

The Wind Never Sleeps in Eeyou Istchee

If there was ever a saying that goes “you can’t see the world by standing in one place” then this may be a good example. First, let me ask you this: Has there been a time where you drove by the Eastmain River, the Opinica, the Sakami or gone to ... read more ››

Total Eclipse of the Moon

On Wednesday October 27th there will be a total eclipse of the moon, which is also called the hunter’s moon. The beginning of the show will be at 9:14pm when the moon will slowly start to slip into the shadow of the earth. Between 10:23pm and 11:44pm, she will be totally ... read more ››