Volume 11, Issue 21

30th AGA GCC

Thirty years have passed since Cree leaders dissatisfied with the Indian Brotherhood’s assistance in the fight against the La Grande Complex created the Grand Council of the Crees. It was created so that the Cree would have a political arm and voice in dealing with the different levels of government ... read more ››

Are you Ready for Some Football?

The Cree Nation of Mistissin held their first-ever summer football camp from August 10-12 with incredible success. Approximately 150 children between the ages of 3 and 18 were involved throughout the three-day camp held both outdoors in the fields behind the Mistissini radio station and inside the arena. The weather made ... read more ››

Chiiwetaw – Get Back, Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

The Beatles wrote and sang about many great events, and for this particular road trip, their words have specific meaning. Chiiwetaw, Waswanipi Old Post – a nation explored. With a gracious invitation extended from event organizer Diane Cooper, The Nation Magazine funded this expedition and team leader Aaron MacDevitt chose his ... read more ››


Bertie Wapachee would like all of the Cree Nation to know that he does not work for SEBJ or with any company currently associated with the Eastmain-1 or Rupert River Diversion projects. He further states that he has no plans to ever work for SEBJ or with any company currently ... read more ››


The Nation would like to clarify a line that appeared in issue 11, volume 19. In the Em-1 profile of Abraham Salt, the line read: “He actually works for ADC, the company that runs the cafeteria in a joint venture with Cree Construction.” It should have clarified that ADC is a ... read more ››


In times of the nano-second and plain times of the nano-second and platforms that don’t have anything to do with political speeches but rather, operating systems, we Cree seem to have adapted seamlessly into the technological world. E-mail this and e-mail that, naughty postcards and puzzles, digital this and that, ... read more ››

Here Are Some Helpful Tips for Kids and Parents for The Back-To-School Season

Here are some helpful tips for kids and parents for the back-to-school season: Back-to-school time often means changes for children and families: the first day of kindergarten or first grade; new preschools or childcare settings; new classrooms and new teachers. Making smooth transitions between home, programs and schools can help ... read more ››

Khayden Comes Home – After Seven Months and Two Surgeries, Three Year-Old Boy is Back from Montreal Hospital

The three-year old boy that brought the Cree Nation together after he suffered a horrible assault is back in Eeyou Istchee, safe and sound. Khayden Otter-Rupert touched down on an AirCreebec flight from Montreal to Chibougamau August 19 to a jubilant crowd of 25 well-wishers who turned out to greet him. The ... read more ››

Mandaau, Strangers No More

The Ouje-Bougoumou duo of Richard Bosum and Kenny Mianscum really know how to rock the house. Their concert at the St. Elias convention centre in Haines Junction, Yukon, drew approximately 500 people over two days. Sharing the duties of playing the acoustic guitar and singing in Cree, Mandaau belted out some of ... read more ››

The Pig Farm: A Cross-Section of Views on a Controversial Project

By now almost everyone must have heard of the giant industrial pig farm to be built in the southern territory of Eeyou Istchee. The Nation interviewed a number of people in each of the Cree communities that will be most affected by it. Surprisingly, some people hadn’t heard of the ... read more ››

Three Decades of Political Repair

It was an exciting 30th anniversary for the Grand Council of the Cree Eeyou Istchee. In some ways it felt like Crees were getting back to our roots when Freddy Jolly came walking in from his long trek to save the Rupert River. His talk to the assembly seemed to ... read more ››