Volume 11, Issue 19

Beware of Sharks

A couple of the best things about summer is that the water is not hard enough to walk on and that the best star in the universe, the sun, is out in all its glory. This allows those without fear of melanoma and skin so sensitive that a cold shower ... read more ››

Chisasibi Hospital Closes Down Briefly

Chisasibi Hospital was briefly evacuated of patients and staff July 16 after a chemical spill in the dental unit. Three hundred and fifty millilitres of Dentsply repair liquid, which contains a substance called methyl methacrylate monomer, was accidentally released. Chisasibi Hospital’s Dr. Eduardo Kalaydjian made a request to Dentsply Prosthetics, the ... read more ››

Chisasibi Youth Get Chance to Strut Their Stuff

The kids are dancing in the streets in Chisasibi, to hip-hop music no less. Sixty kids got the chance to learn how to dance, hip-hop style, from July 20-29. Tamara and Sarah Podemski put on a hip-hop dance workshop in collaboration with the Brighter Futures Program and organizers Nelly and Lisa ... read more ››


In a brief that appeared in the last issue, it was written that Chiefs Josie Jimiken, Robert Weistche and Abraham Rupert were opposed to the Paix des Braves. In fact they are currently implementing the agreement. Their opposition lies against the Rupert River diversion. The Nation regrets the misunderstanding and ... read more ››

Cree Boys Win Gold in Edmonton, Rhode Island

This year’s hockey season may be long over in the Cree Nation, but the most important part of the season for Stephan Gunner and Delmer Moses, both 13, happened just recently. Gunner, from Mistissini, and Moses, from Waskaganish, participated in the Canadian AAA Hockey Challenge in Edmonton June 27 to ... read more ››

EM1: The New Way of Dam-Building – Crees Fill Big Part of Workforce

It was almost as hard as my first trip into the bowels of the La Grande Complex when the Nation first started up. At least then I knew what to expect and what my position was as I supported the Cree position that the dam complex had been imposed upon ... read more ››

Fundraisers Dangled Cheechoo’s Name – But NHL Star Wasn’t Available For Gala Event

A fundraising effort for the Eenouch AA midget hockey team in Waswanipi turned ugly recently when it was discovered that the invited guest wasn’t even aware of his required presence at the gala. The Eenouch won their league championship this past year and were looking to celebrate their successful season with ... read more ››

Keep Your Pants On

The other night I sat out with friends in the backyard to enjoy the summer weather on a warm evening. My friends were wearing T-shirts and shorts to cool off after a hot sunny day. I had my jeans on. As the sun fell below the horizon and twilight ushered ... read more ››


This isn’t an editorial so much as it is a warning. In happened once before and apparently is happening again: A few unscrupulous sales people are sending invoices to Nation advertisers for unauthorized ads in their own publications. In the past they would look at the Nation advertisement, copy it ... read more ››

Spencer’s Defense Team Disagrees With Evaluation

People in the Cree Nation who want to see justice in the Khayden Otter case will have to wait two more months. Trevor Spencer was alleged to have beaten Khayden at his foster mother’s home, February 8. Police later found Khayden unconscious and rushed him immediately to the hospital. After spending ... read more ››

The Trials and Tribulations of EM-1 – Mary Ann Blacksmith Finds the Days Long but the Money Good

Imagine working 35 days straight away from your home and family. Then when your time is up, you only get 10 days to spend with your loved ones until you head back for another long and lonely month of hard work. This is the reality of the workers at the ... read more ››

Working at EM-1 and Loving it – Work Camp May be Abraham Salt’s Best Chance

There are a lot of job opportunities for Crees at the EM-1 hydroelectric plant near Nemaska. Abraham Salt, 50, was one of those Crees who took advantage of the chance offered to him at EM-1 when he became a Dish Pit Boss at cafeteria number two. The Nation recently had ... read more ››