People in the Cree Nation who want to see justice in the Khayden Otter case will have to wait two more months.

Trevor Spencer was alleged to have beaten Khayden at his foster mother’s home, February 8. Police later found Khayden unconscious and rushed him immediately to the hospital. After spending some time in a coma, and having his skull detached to relieve some of the pressure, Khayden has yet to fully recover his faculties and still cannot walk on his own.

Spencer appeared in an Amos courtroom July 21 after the crown conducted a psychiatric evaluation to determine his state of mind at the time of the incident.

“The report came back from Pinel [Institute] and the defense was not satisfied with the results,” said Christian Leblanc, the crown prosecutor for the case. “They then chose to do a counter-expertise [their own evaluation]. In the meantime he will stay at the Riviere des Prairies Detention Centre until September 13 when a second evaluation will be presented.”

If the defense presents a report that is similar to the prosecutor’s, the case can begin. If not, both sides will start a debate on the findings to determine his frame of mind at the time of the incident.