The kids are dancing in the streets in Chisasibi, to hip-hop music no less. Sixty kids got the chance to learn how to dance, hip-hop style, from July 20-29.

Tamara and Sarah Podemski put on a hip-hop dance workshop in collaboration with the Brighter Futures Program and organizers Nelly and Lisa Bobbish. The Podemski sisters are renowned for their many talents, including acting, singing and dancing.

For a paltry sum of $20, the sisters taught each kid to dance up a storm, hip-hop style, in preparation for the big finale which was held July 29. A singing workshop was also held for $10.

For an hour and 20 minutes a day, the kids worked through their rigorous routine and learned some pretty complex moves.

They were divided into three different age groups, with each group consisting of 20 children.

“The dance and athleticism is important [in order] to learn how to take better care of our bodies,” said Tamara.

Although they have worked with groups many times in the past, this is the sisters’ first workshop in a community setting.

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