Volume 11, Issue 13

All You Can Eat

On one of my rare forays to the south, I chanced to eat food that I didn’t have to cook for myself. This is a rare indulgence for me, and I thought of how our people enjoy the meals prepared for others, (not to mention not having to do the ... read more ››

Bush Radio Mama

It’s that time of the year again, where towns seem to be emptied of the people who once made the community a thriving beehive of activity. The streets are strangely quiet and the local stores are only filled with the barely audible sounds of elevator music, as the cashiers limply ... read more ››

Dividing the $70 Million Pie: Blood, Sweat and Tears

There were mumbles and grumbles but none of the expected rumbles for the first $70 million installment to be delivered from the Paix des Braves. It was a process that, in the words of Chief Reggie Mark, was something that “should have started back in December.” The chiefs and council/board ... read more ››

Dollar Dazed

It’s been an interesting few weeks watching the money come into the Cree communities. First there was the $70 million that everyone wanted a piece of. The communities took home $49.5 million. That’s good news for many who see this as more housing, more employment and generally a better life ... read more ››

Eenouch Shut Out at Provincial Championships

After coming off a fantastic win that earned them a berth at the Midget AA hockey provincial championships, the Cree Nation Eenouch crashed back to earth with three tough losses in the tournament held in Repentigny. Interim Manager Sidney Ottereyes at first didn’t want to talk about it, but then saw ... read more ››

Eulogy: Tom Webb of Chisasibi 1933-2004

One month ago, we found out our Dad’s stomach cancer had returned and this time there was nothing that could be done. When he was diagnosed again it was almost a relief for him. He had been sick for a while but he never complained. Now he finally knew what ... read more ››

Feeding the Body and the Spirit – Traditional Foods to be Served at Chisasibi Hospital

It has been said that when the Cree get sick, they lose their right to their traditional foods. That right will soon be returned to them. Under a one-year pilot program, seasonal traditional foods will become part of the four-week menu rotation at the Chisasibi hospital. The project will see geese, ... read more ››

Filmmakers Making Waves in The Wheat Fields

Two local filmmakers have been nominated for Canada’s Golden Sheaf Awards of the Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival. The awards will be given out on the third and final night of the Canadian content only film festival that takes place in Saskatchewan from May 27-30. It is the longest ... read more ››

Fire Claims Mistissini Elder

The community of Mistissini is in mourning after the tragic death of one of its most beloved elders. Billy Blacksmith, 86, perished after a fire in his camp, located at the intersection of Route 167 and the community’s access road. Locals, who had driven into town after seeing the burning house, notified ... read more ››

Grand Council Robbed, Again

Despite added security measures after two break-ins last May, the Montreal office of the Grand Council of the Crees was the victim of yet another break-and-enter April 3. This time thieves managed to jimmy the emergency door lock and swipe two computers from the office. The burglary comes just one week ... read more ››

Holy Matrimony Batman, What Do We Do Now? – Wedding Tips for Superheroes and Sidekicks.

Ok, so the question was asked, an affirmative answer was given, now comes the fun part – planning the wedding! A wedding is supposed to be a remarkable ritual in which two people join together into an institution from which they can draw strength, guidance and companionship. While it may ... read more ››

Hydro-Quebec, Cree Bury the Hatchet – Signing Ceremony Highlights Annual $7 Million Deal

It was a signing ceremony to remember, and an event that started out early for the participants. The chiefs and dignitaries had to be at the airport for a 7 am flight to Chibougamau and then on to Chisasibi. Arriving in Chisasibi, everyone was loaded on a bus after an ... read more ››

Jordin Tootoo, Aboriginal Role Model

Jordin Tootoo carries more than pads on his shoulders – he carries the hopes and dreams of thousands of Aboriginal kids who look up to him as well. The rookie Nashville Predator will also be helping to kickstart the National Aboriginal Role Model Program. The National Aboriginal Health Organization announced that ... read more ››

Language Policy May Get Clipped – Mistissini School Conference Tackles Low Grad Rate

Mistissini parents have had enough of high dropout rates and the low number of graduates. And they want some major changes at the Voyageur Memorial Schools to ensure their children’s future success. At a local education conference held in late March and early April in Mistissini, concerned parents, band council members, ... read more ››

More Money for Cree Entrepreneurs

The Eeyou Economic Group (EEG) recently received the remaining $322,000 from a total commitment of $1.5 million by the Canada Economic Development agency. The EEG provides technical assistance and training for entrepreneurs in areas such as taxation and negotiation, bookkeeping and computer skills. Eligible projects can receive up to $125,000 in ... read more ››

More Than Just Great Cookies, Girl Guides Now Speak In Tongues

Two of the principles of guiding are to develop an appreciation of Canada and its diversity, and to foster cultural understanding and knowledge of the global community. The Girl Guides of Canada are putting those principles to use by inviting more Canadians to learn about their organization on the Internet. ... read more ››

Nemaska Gas Scare

The people of Nemaska are breathing a sigh of relief after a near disaster was averted with quick thinking and the help of the frozen ground. On Sunday, May 2, a Jacques Auger transport truck was delivering fuel for Petronor to the Nemaska gas bar when a coupling broke. The gas ... read more ››

Nemaska Woman Waiting For Lung Transplant

Life is hard. Taking care of the bills, cleaning the house, raising the children: at the end of the day, it all adds up and can be very stressful. Maggie Minister, 48, of Nemaska, is dealing with a much more serious situation of life and death. She is currently trying to ... read more ››

O & M Agreement Funding Flows Late – Interest Losses Cost Crees $15,000

The price of federal government tardiness: $3,000 a day. Under the Operations and Maintenance Agreement, the federal government was supposed to transfer $50 million to the Cree by April I. But the payment wasn’t made until April 6, during which time the interest that would have accrued, about $15,000, was lost. ... read more ››

The Lost Cree of Washaw Sibi – The Tenth Cree Community of Eeyou Istchee Finds Its Identity

Imagine slowly losing your language, your culture and your identity. Imagine being assimilated by your Native cousins. Imagine living on land you used to have title to, but where you are now considered “squatters.” This is the reality of the Washaw Sibi people. They have been fighting for land to call ... read more ››

The Smell of Goose is in the Air…

This time of year represents a fresh new beginning and a rejuvenation of sorts. It also represents an important time in the lives of everyone in Eeyou Istchee. Goose Break, as numerous people have told me, is a time to reflect, a time to share, and a time for the community ... read more ››

Washaw Sibi Bags First Goose

The familiar sound of honking has returned, signaling the arrival of spring and the goose hunt. According to the Nation’s findings, the first goose in the Cree communities was had April 6 by Jeff Ruperthouse of Washaw Sibi. It was given to Beatrice Trapper who prepared it and had a ... read more ››