Volume 11, Issue 11

$7 Million Payment No April Fool’s Joke!

The proposed New Deal ratified recently by the Cree communities has yet to be officially signed, but the first $7 million payment came through April 1 as stipulated in the agreement. The money is in a separate account from the Paix des Braves, “where it will stay until the decision is ... read more ››

A Special Eulogy for Walter Hughboy 1946-2004

The passing of Walter Hughboy is something that we must never forget. Never before has one man done so much for his community. The church in which we pray, the modern houses we live in, the roads we travel on, the businesses and jobs we enjoy today, the free electricity ... read more ››

Aboriginal Media Discusses Ethics Code

Do we want to talk to each other and do we need a code of ethics? These were the big questions asked at a meeting of Quebec’s Aboriginal media in Beaupre City, Quebec at the end of March. The Quebec Aboriginal Media Seminar, hosted by SOCAM (Société de Communication Atikamekw-Montangnais), had ... read more ››

Bead Power Gets Mojo Going

A unique art exhibition is at MAI (Montreal Arts Interculturels) until April 24. The Beaded Prayers Project by artist Sonya Clark consists of thousands of beaded packets made by people between the ages of 6 and 90 that each contains a hope, wish, dream or prayer. The concept of the ... read more ››

Chapais Area Could Drown In Pig Manure

Crees oppose hog farm project that would produce waste equaling a city of 100,000. From mines, to damming, to logging, people in Eeyou Istchee have had their fair share of corporate development. The town of Chapais is now trying to add a pig farm to that long list of projects done ... read more ››

Justice Is Blind

Sometimes when you hear of repeated incidents of local yokels continuously breaking the law, you wonder, just what the heck do they have that ordinary citizens don’t have. Is it diplomatic immunity, or just the plain sense of not knowing that there are laws in this world? When so called ... read more ››

Khayden Otter Recovering Quickly Thanks To Overwhelming Support

Waswanipi’s Khayden Otter is a determined little fighter. Khayden is recovering from his injuries suffered two months ago at his foster parent’s home in Waswanipi. The 2 year-old boy suffered severe head trauma in a horrific incident that shocked and horrified the Cree Nation. Support has come from all over Eeyou Istchee ... read more ››

Makivik AGM: Looking Forward As Agreement-in-Principle Nears Completion

Makivik Corporation’s Annual General Meeting went off without a hitch at the end of March. During the four-day meeting, it was revealed that Makivik’s beneficiaries’ equity fund balance was down to $190 million from $194 million last year. The stock market and fluctuation in exchange rates are to blame. Makivik ... read more ››

Media Maverick: Boyce Richardson

The self-proclaimed “media maverick” is at it again. Boyce Richardson launched his latest novel, Memoirs of a Media Maverick, at the Double Hook Book Shop in Montreal on March 30. In front of an audience of 25 people, Richardson spoke about his book and made a few of them laugh in ... read more ››

Obituary: Walter Hughboy 1946-2004

Walter James Hughboy lost the fight against cancer on April 2, 2004 at 11:00 p.m. at the Ottawa General Hospital. He left this world peacefully, and did not suffer long. Hughboy was born November 11, 1946 at Poplar River, 30 km south of Wemindji. He is survived by wife Deborah Hawken, ... read more ››

Sports History Made in Waswanipi

There’s a new kid in town! Well actually, it’s not so much a kid as it is a team, and it’s not really so much new as it is two years old. And if you were at the Waswanipi arena on Thursday, April I, you were witness to the birth ... read more ››

The Nation Exists to Serve You

At the Aboriginal Media Seminar in March, one of the speakers pointed out that as journalists, broadcasters and newsprint publishers; every now and then we had to remind our readers about how we operate. We should explain the methods, ways and rules the Nation has set for ourselves as a ... read more ››