Sometimes when you hear of repeated incidents of local yokels continuously breaking the law, you wonder, just what the heck do they have that ordinary citizens don’t have. Is it diplomatic immunity, or just the plain sense of not knowing that there are laws in this world? When so called “peace” reigns, it is the hoodlums who shine and stand out as people who have no sense what so ever. When that sense of peace is constantly broken, it is the ordinary law abider who shines and stand out above the rest of the madness and mayhem, often wreaked by young folks who only know how to cause trouble.

For instance, one man witnesses a break in at a place, which, for some reason, is always targeted for this type of shenanigan. He proceeds to go out and armed with a hockey stick, (after calling the police) attempts to hold them at bay. They (local juvenile delinquents) proceed to aggressively fend themselves against potential arrest and suffer the consequences of the citizen who thought he was on the side of the law. After a tussle which ended up with one perpetrator in the clinic, the arresting officers put the good Samaritan in jail. Say, what?

In another incident, the police are the bad guys in another larger community, as illegal weapons are slung from their holsters. Again, say what? What has transpired is the gradual evolution of crime to be something that is acceptable in our communities. If I were in charge, I would put a stop to this madness. When is it time to throw in the towel for a justice system that seems to favour the criminals and shut out the victims from true justice?

Enough of this ranting and raving, I recently became somewhat of a dignitary when I joined the ranks of one of the leading economic development organizations. I would immediately, (if given the choice) give every beneficiary ten thousand dollars to pay off all their bills, which I assume would cost about ten million from the agreement we signed just two years ago. I feel that this is fair, because the higher ups are asking for about double that amount to pay their bills, which are incredibly high. Someone must be using some executive jet carousing with multibillionaire Bill Gates and joining some very expensive golfing clubs, or eating steak with Dom Perignon every other day to be able to rack up bills such as these, or is it just the cost of doing business?

One day, when I win the giant JBCCS bingo, which I assume will go into the millions and millions one day, I will buy you a skidoo. I think I’ll even buy the Bare Naked Ladies just to sing their most famous song. Whatever the prize, it still costs to buy the stake and the ante just seems to escalate higher and higher. If we were still in the dark ages, I think that a human sacrifice would suffice. As a Cree would think, a few mooses (or is it meese?) should do, or even a small herd of caribou, to appease the economic gods of development.

As far as justice is concerned, I find it fitting that we are sacrificing our sacred cow to drink from the land of milk and honey, and raising Cane while we are at it. Suppose if we do have to release another river from the banks (money banks that is) to refill our depleted funds? Only time will tell.