A unique art exhibition is at MAI (Montreal Arts Interculturels) until April 24. The Beaded Prayers Project by artist Sonya Clark consists of thousands of beaded packets made by people between the ages of 6 and 90 that each contains a hope, wish, dream or prayer. The concept of the packet comes from the African tradition of wearing protective cloth or leather amulets that contained sacred writings, medicines and potions – what many African Americans today call “mojo.” The use of beads is essential for Clark as their use is universal and because the old English word for bead, “biddan” means “to ask or to pray”. For Clark, the packets are a way to communicate with both the spirit and tangible worlds, allowing people to demonstrate their individuality while anonymously being part of something that is bigger than them. Visit MAI at 3680 Jeanne Mance, Montreal, or go to www.beadedprayersproject.com and make your own.