Volume 11, Issue 6

Ancient Peru – Part 2 of 2

Will Nicholls recently traveled to Peru to study indigenous economic initiatives, eco-tourism projects in particular. Produced with the support of the Government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Along with Black Caiman, Sandoval Lake has 10-foot-long Paichi, the largest scaled freshwater fish in the world. Needless to say I ... read more ››

Chisasibi Woman Walks for Diabetes – North West Company Doing Their Part in Fight Against Disease

Until last December, the furthest Shirley Chiskamush had traveled had been to Montreal. But to join the fight against diabetes, the 35-year-old Chisasibi woman flew all the way to Hawaii to participate in the Honolulu Marathon to raise money for diabetes research. “I felt very happy [to be a part of ... read more ››

It’s Time to Reach Out

During my childhood there were many challenges that our family had to overcome. We had no running water and the high cost of food forced our parents to work very hard to make enough money to support our family of 11. Life was a lot harder for my parent’s and ... read more ››

MoCreebec Takes on the JBNQA

MoCreebec is going to court over the James bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. They don’t like provision 3.2.7, which says that after ten years out of the territory, Crees lose their rights. They say they have lived in Moosonee or Moose factory long before the JBNQA was signed and that ... read more ››

No Room at the Inn?

Mistissini’s Henry Miamscum recently was denied a room at Hotel Chibougamau in a time of dire need. His wife had been taken to the Chibougamau hospital from Mistissini for a medical emergency. Those who know Miamscum, know he is a non-drinker and well respected within the James Bay community. His ... read more ››

Nurse, Doctor Attacked by Wolves

It sounds like a scary bedtime story, but this time, the wolf attack was real. At kilometre 516 near Schefferville January 22, five men including Dr. Michael Lefson and nursing coordinator Jean-Serge Tremblay – both of whom work at the Chisasibi hospital – set out on a routine hunting trip. To ... read more ››

The Last Frontier – Mining Report Shows Quebec Is Miners’ Paradise

If there’s gold (or copper or zinc) in them thar hills, the Quebec government will bend over backward to help you mine it – and helpfully look the other way if environmental degradation, health problems or Native land claims threaten to get in the way. That’s the cheerful message from the ... read more ››

Valentine Pour Vous?

The red rose that symbolizes many things, especially around St. Valentine’s day, seems to pop up more and more in the North. I suppose that this is good for those who are naturally romantic at heart, but for those who don’t think romantically, who would rather the red flower be ... read more ››

Wellness Gathering Set for March

The Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal is proud to be hosting the Fourth Annual Aboriginal Wellness Gathering. It will be held in Montreal from March 25-27, the focus of which is “Moving Towards the Seventh Generation”. This year’s Gathering Coordinator, Nakuset, says that they are trying to make the issues relevant ... read more ››