The red rose that symbolizes many things, especially around St. Valentine’s day, seems to pop up more and more in the North. I suppose that this is good for those who are naturally romantic at heart, but for those who don’t think romantically, who would rather the red flower be seen as a bearer of thorns, please join the bah-humbug crowd in the comer because the cupid has struck again. Yes, love is in the air, just the way it should be.

Are chocolates more your flavor? Then you can thank the Aztecs for Staying alive long enough to share the wonders of the cocoa plant with the rest of the world, who are oblivious to world hunger and peace and only have eyes for the opposite gender. Yes, Valentine’s Day is something that comes around once a year, and usually practiced year round, given that the hormones are constantly active in the human species.

Now let’s look at the way Valentine’s has affected our lives. Yes, Inuit still gently rub noses as a sign of affection, and the French still carry out French kissing, and the English send cards, but what of the Cree? Is it still the shyness that keeps our ardor at bay or is it just that the romantic holiday happens during the cold winter months? Perhaps Valentine’s is exercised year round and the birth rate doesn’t just escalate in November? Ask your nearest if I am right or not, that Valentine’s Day is really the time to truly express your emotions using flowers, chocolates, cards, and other nice things out.

Other cultures have traditions that are usually repeated on an annual basis, but the French and English of Valentine’s has spread throughout the globe. Leave it to your imagination and it’s probably been translated into a yoga position worthy of Houdini’s assistance.

Talking about contortionists, the Circus School in now in Kuujjuuarapik and I’ve seen many politicians taking notes from the clown teacher. As for contorting your body into a pretzel, the contortionist’s lessons are only given once a waiver is signed by your own chiropractor, disallowing dislocation as an accident and moreover as self inflicted (in case you’re wondering why I’m stating this, it’s because I’ve been hanging out with lawyers lately, and now even I can’t understand what I’m saying).

Back to smooching day, I wonder if just a gesture would do, as roses are thorny, chocolates are just so caloric, cards aren’t written in syllabics and dinners usually aren’t candlelit. I’ve heard that a simple sign of affection usually works, but usually the simplicity of the affection is brought up and used as ammunition about six months later by your (intended) partner in ways that usually involve either a couch or dog house, so that’s out of the question. Perhaps a large display on a passing transport truck, for the warehouse world to see, or a pamphlet especially printed in great numbers so that everyone else can vouch for your tenacity, but that would probably be classified as stalking or aggre-sion. Given the weather, smoke writing against the sky could really do it, as long as the skywriter spells the name right and you could parachute out and land nearby, screaming her name at 250 miles an hour, but that’s so paramilitary and might attract other paratroopers.

I think, that for myself, being the apple of my eye and the love of my life year round should do it. Roses are red, violets are blue, no matter the hue, I think of you. Happy Valentine’s day to Sarah!