Volume 10, Issue 25

Canada-Cree Talks Suspended

Negotiations with Ottawa on fulfilling the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement have stalled over taxation status for the Cree. The Grand Council of the Cree is refusing the federal government’s demand to eliminate the Crees’ tax exemption before honouring the landmark deal signed in 1975. “The Grand Chief (Ted Moses) ... read more ››

Cree Community Recognized

The Grand Council of the Cree (GCC) recently recognized the Washaw Sibi at the Annual General Assembly (AGA) in Waskaganish. The name Washaw Sibi essentially entails Cree people who are off reserve and might not be coming back to the territory, but want to affirm their rights as Crees. This ... read more ››

Eco Tourism in Chisasibi

The Nation visited several eco-tourism ventures in Central and South America this past summer in hopes of encouraging eco tourism in Eeyou Istchee. To our pleasant surprise, one such venture was already up and running in Chisasibi. Run by Margaret and William Cromarty, Fort George Island Tours has been thriving ... read more ››

Ghost of Xma$ Present

It all seems so funny sometimes, the ideas the ideas you get as the xmas seasons approaches. Stringent fiscal rules apply to Natives and their governments. If a Band Council goes beyond an 8 per cent deficit then its third party management time and the feds step in grinning. Meanwhile ... read more ››

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

It has become a disease that is referred to as an epidemic amongst the Aboriginal populations. One out of every seven Aboriginal people has diabetes. In the Cree communities of Northern Quebec the number is even higher. Out of a population of roughly 14,000 people, 1,076 people have been diagnosed with ... read more ››

Police News – Mistissini Police – Period of October 13-19, 2003

Mistissini Police will now be giving regular updates of incidents within the Cree Nation of Mistissini. During this past week there were 22 files opened with Mistissini Police including six cases of mischief, two motor vehicle thefts, four cases of break and enter and two cases of sexual interference. Theft of ... read more ››

Roadblock Closes Chisasibi After Police Officer’s Suspension

Angry Chisasibi residents erected a blockade on the only road into the community last week after Assistant Director of Policing Larry Ross was handed a 30-day suspension and resigned from the force as a result. Ross, a Mohawk, was suspended by Director of Policing Harry Snowboy Oct. 15 for seven counts ... read more ››

Suriname: Beyond Appearances – Part 2 of 2

Just outside the villages to the north is the Galibi Nature Reserve. It is 11 miles long and a mile deep. It was designated as a reserve in 1969 thanks to the effort of STINASU, the Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname. It has four mandates: the coordination of scientific ... read more ››

Two Mistissini Men Sentenced in Shooting

Two Mistissini men, Clifford Jolly, and Eric Meskino, have been sentenced to 34 months, and 17 months respectively for their part in two separate shooting sprees which cost the town of Mistissini over $28,000 worth of damages. The incidents took place on successive days last May 24 and 25. During the spree ... read more ››

Vincent’s Stuffed Cat’s Amazing Journey

Once Upon a time, there was a four-year-old boy named Vincent, who received a grey stuffed cat for Christmas. Vincent named it “Chat” and they became very close friends. One day, the little boy, his mother, his father and his big brothers Leo and Felix went on a boat trip with ... read more ››

When The Lights Go Out, We Will Survive

We live in a world where we depend on services such as electricity and natural gas. Everything we do seems to involve turning something on. We keep our food stored cold in coolers, preserve food for future use in freezers then cook our meals with the help of microwaves and ... read more ››

Why I Like Dab Iyiyuu

Dab Iyiyuu or Real People, are hard to come by these days. Sometimes I wonder if they are still around. They are scarce and I hope, not a dying breed like some people may claim, and say we are losing as a people and a nation. The francophone used to ... read more ››