Mistissini Police will now be giving regular updates of incidents within the Cree Nation of Mistissini. During this past week there were 22 files opened with Mistissini Police including six cases of mischief, two motor vehicle thefts, four cases of break and enter and two cases of sexual interference.

Theft of Motor Vehicle – The first incident involved the theft of the Meechum Store Van, which was later found on the Route du Nord. Connected with this theft was a break-in of the shed belonging to Mistissini Group Home. One person has been charged, but as a minor cannot be named. The second incident involved the Fire Department Rescue pickup. It was stolen from the front of a residence in the early hours of Saturday October 18 in Mistissini. The vehicle was found on Cigam Road near Chibougamau. The theft is under police investigation with damages estimated to be $8,000 to $9,000.

Break and Enter – There were three incidents of break and enter on Main Street this past week. A and D Gas Bar lost $259 when someone broke in through their front door. The Band Council was also vandalized and an undisclosed amount of money taken from vending machines. Quickstop Restaurant was also broken into and 30 cases of pop were stolen.

Sexual Interference – One case has been forwarded to the Crown for prosecution and the other has been referred to Youth Protection. No further information to be released.


Concerning the recent rash of thefts of vehicles it is advised to ensure that vehicles are not left running and that car keys are removed.

Citizens are advised to let neighbours and police know when you will be

out of town so that your residences will be under watch. Also it is advised to leave all curtains and blinds open. Businesses are recommended to be equipped with an alarm system and deadbolt locking for all doors.

Recently the Mistissini Police have had major involvement with the Voyageur Memorial School – at the elementary school concerning violence and behaviour and drug interventions at the high school.

Parents are also advised to ensure the safety of their children at night. Pick up your children or walk to escort them home. Children and youth should use the buddy system when out after dark -never walk alone.

Finally, with the newly paved roads in Mistissini and also the highway to Chibougamau, motorists are asked to take extra caution when driving in icy conditions during the winter.