Two Mistissini men, Clifford Jolly, and Eric Meskino, have been sentenced to 34 months, and 17 months respectively for their part in two separate shooting sprees which cost the town of Mistissini over $28,000 worth of damages.

The incidents took place on successive days last May 24 and 25.

During the spree the two assailants unloaded over 130 rounds into various vehicles and buildings. A volunteer firefighter was wounded in the arm by a stray pellet fired from Jolly’s shotgun.

Meskino was found guilty on seven counts, including pointing, and shooting a gun at Police, and attempting to cause bodily harm to Police.

Jolly was found guilty on 12 counts including careless use of a firearm, uttering death threats, intent to wound, maim, or disfigure, and use of a firearm while committing mischief, which is a charge that carries an automatic one-year minimum.

Christian Leblanc, the crown prosecutor for the case, said that both men’s lack of prior criminal history was the main reason their sentences were so light. He also said that Meskino didn’t fire at anyone, and that is why he received a much more lenient sentence.