Volume 9, Issue 3

Chisasibi Christmas Miracle

George Bearskin thought he had a bit of good luck when he spotted a caribou crossing the road Dec. 3. He was driving a grader on a lonely stretch of road at kilometre 342 near LG-4 and pulled over to the side. “I saw the caribou in the treeline and ... read more ››

Countdown to 00:00:01 01/01/02

Countdown to 00:00:01 01/01/02 The second after New Years Eve, 2001 will go down in history as the most remembered year in history, when the world held its breathe in disbelief and a sick astonishment came over the world during the following months after the terrorist attacks on New York ... read more ››

Did the Creator choose our leaders?

I’ve heard it said that the Creator in his infinite wisdom chose the Cree leaders and that we should respect his or her choice. Several people, in letters-to-the-editor and in public meetings, have offered this view. I have a few problems with that idea. First and foremost, it negates free will. ... read more ››

Election in Nemaska?

On Friday December 14, Nemaska residents filed a petition to hold a special band meeting to decide on whether to call an election for chief. The is in reaction to Chief George Wapachee’s stand on the Agreement in Principle. Ten signatures are needed to call for a special band meeting. ... read more ››

Indian Band In British Columbia Taxes the Government

On December 7,2001 the Supreme Court of Canada handed down a ruling in a case called Osoyoos Indian Band v. Oliver (Town) whereby the Court recognized the ability of Aboriginal bands in Canada to tax the government for using or occupying portions of reserve lands. It seems that in the ... read more ››

Not the Nation

There are now three “newspapers” serving the Cree nation. The Grand Council of the Crees have launched a publication they can call their own. Eeyou Eenou Nation was released at the Council/Board meeting in Montreal on Decber 20th. The entire issue is devoted to the Agreement in Principle. Their first issue has ... read more ››

Rupert River Protest

It was inevitable that there would be a demonstration to protest the planned diversion of the Rupert River. Initial negative reaction to the signing of the October 23 Agreement in principle (AIP) centered on the potential diversion of the river. The protest started late Sunday afternoon by the Rupert River ... read more ››

The Story of Cochiti Lake

Cochiti Lake is located on the Cochiti Pueblo Reservation between Alberquerque, Santa Fe and Los Alamos, New Mexico. The reservoir is heralded as the tenth largest manmade lake in the world. While attending the Building Native Nations: Environment, Natural Resources and Governance Conference last week, I had the privilege of ... read more ››

Various facts on this year’s C.N.I.T… 20th Edition

(formerly known as Cree Hockey Tournament, Algo-Cree Tournament) Co-ordinated by John Boudrias (18th year of involvement with annual event) • 48 teams participated=approximately 600 players • $15,000 in sponsorships from Val d’Or business • $5,000 in Cree Nation Sponsors • All Mistissini final, with overtime winner going to Trappers • ... read more ››