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The 2015 Montreal International Auto Show

Automotive companies flexed their muscle cars at the 47th edition of the Montreal International Auto Show (MIAS) at the Palais des Congrès January 16-25. Naturally, the auto show dedicated two neon-lit gallery rooms to custom car junkies, luring them in with hot chicks draped over vintage cars featuring mind-blowing mods. Highlighting ... read more ››

Rise in Crime in Mistissini

Mistissini has seen a steady rise in violent criminal acts over the last 10 years. Shootings are becoming commonplace in this bustling community of over 3,000 people. As reported in The Nation last May, two local men Eric Meskino, and Clifford Joly, went on a shooting rampage that lasted a combined ... read more ››

The first month of world peace

In a move to bring some form of peace enforcement program, several Mohawk police officers have joined with the Chisasibi police to “clean up the town.” Some people have embraced this bold move, but many others feel intimidated with the “Rambo” tactics of the imported security measures. I think that ... read more ››

Did the Creator choose our leaders?

I’ve heard it said that the Creator in his infinite wisdom chose the Cree leaders and that we should respect his or her choice. Several people, in letters-to-the-editor and in public meetings, have offered this view. I have a few problems with that idea. First and foremost, it negates free will. ... read more ››

Not the Nation

There are now three “newspapers” serving the Cree nation. The Grand Council of the Crees have launched a publication they can call their own. Eeyou Eenou Nation was released at the Council/Board meeting in Montreal on Decber 20th. The entire issue is devoted to the Agreement in Principle. Their first issue has ... read more ››

Indian Band In British Columbia Taxes the Government

On December 7,2001 the Supreme Court of Canada handed down a ruling in a case called Osoyoos Indian Band v. Oliver (Town) whereby the Court recognized the ability of Aboriginal bands in Canada to tax the government for using or occupying portions of reserve lands. It seems that in the ... read more ››

Contamination in Ouje-Bougoumou: The Human Dimension

Anxious residents are still waiting to find out what course of action will be taken in the wake of the Covel report on contamination in the Ouje-Bougoumou region. The report, dated October 8,2001, gave evidence of heavy metal contamination in sediment, water and fish samples collected from the Nemenjiche River, ... read more ››

Suspicious fire at Badabin Eeyou school

On the quiet morning of Sunday December 2 in Whapmagoostui, the predawn darkness was interrupted by the shrill siren of a warning system designed to go off in extreme heat or cold. At first look, it seemed to be either at the band office or the school. Two hours later, ... read more ››

Will on the Grill

Well with all this AIP stuff taking up so much space we thought we had better add a few pages so we can bring you some Christmas cheer. During Christmas there’s always a lot of visiting so I thought I would include some recipes for your visitors. Neil loved the ... read more ››