Volume 8, Issue 22

2001 GCCEI/CRA AGA Resolutions

The Grand Council of the Crees and the Cree Regional Authority met for three days in the gymnasium of the the Luke Mettaweskum School in Nemaska this past August. The heads of the Cree entities presented their reports on events from the past year. They and the delegates feasted under a ... read more ››

Aboriginal Crime Conference

The native Friendship Center of Val d’Or will be hosting a Forum on Aboriginal Crime Prevention on Novemeber 1,2, &3, 2001. During the three days participants will be looking at and discussing awareness of cultural and Aboriginal realities. The organizing committee has said they wish to achieve a better understanding ... read more ››

Coon Come Slams Racism Against Aboriginal Peoples

Matthew Coon Come raised more than a few eyebrows at the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. Not only did the National Chief stick to his plan of alerting the world to the levels of racism experienced by Native people in Canada, but he went one further by ... read more ››

Cree/Sami Conference Postponed

A Cree/Sami conference that was supposed to take place in Sweden this year has been postponed until Spring 2002. The conference will be looking at the similarities of forestry practices in Sweden and Quebec and their impacts on the Aboriginal Peoples in the areas affected. The reason for the postponement ... read more ››

Fear and Loathing in America

On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, Mohawk ironworkers Bart Goodleaf and Steve Bonspiel were working atop a building on 166th Street in Manhattan when they saw one of the World Trade Center towers burning in the distance. When they heard a boom they thought that the building had blown up. ... read more ››

Ipperwash Revisited

Six years after the fatal shooting of Native protester Dudley George, Ontario chief coroner James Young is investigating the shooting that took place at Ipperwash Provincial Park to determine whether he should order an inquest. In a letter sent to Dr. Young, Pierre George, one of the victim’s brothers, called for ... read more ››

Moving the Earth

British children leaped on a new World record as one million jumping children successfully caused an earthquake. Thousands of schools were asked to send children outside at 11 a.m. last Friday to jump up and down for a minute in hopes of creating a measurable quake. The Giant Jump event ... read more ››

Nunavut’s Cancer Problem

Nunavut has one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in Canada according to a recent study that will be published in an American medical journal next month. Sylvia Healey says her study shows a virus, known as HPV, was found in 26 percent of women in Nunavut. This virus is ... read more ››

Pachanos Addresses Conference

Adding her voice to the World Conference Against Racism, Chief Violet Pachanos of the Grand Council of the Crees addressed a plenary session in Durban, South Africa on September 6, 2001. “It is autumn now in Eeyou Istchee,” Chief Pachanos told the large crowd of delegates assembled in the Durban Conference ... read more ››

Plymouth Rock Thanksgiving Parade Cancelled

Only five years after initiating an annual Thanksgiving parade, organizers have cancelled the event this year, saying an appointed town board sent a strong message by trimming its financial contribution. The decision to cancel the parade in Plymouth, where the first Thanksgiving feast was held 380 years ago, in 1621, ... read more ››

Saskatoon Police on Trial

An elegant ballroom will serve as a courtroom as jury selection begins for the trial of two police officers accused of abandoning an First Nations man on the outskirts of the city in freezing weather last year. Dan Hatchen and Ken Munson, both veteran Saskatoon police officers, are charged with ... read more ››

The Bear Facts

This morning I headed out with a friend on a long bicycle ride. Our goal was to complete 24 kilometers of riding on a back road. It was warm and it felt good to be moving under my own power with the wind in my hair. At one point on our ... read more ››

The Day the World Changed

Tuesday, September 11, 2001, started the same as any other day, actually nicer than many. It was a beautifully clear and sunny morning as I sat at my desk with a fresh cup of coffee. I was on-line checking my email, unaware of events transpiring in New York and Washington ... read more ››

We Put the Wow in Pow Pow

It was our first Pow Wow and the first put on by a joint effort of the Eastern Door and the Nation, both independent Native newspapers. It was a case of Mohawks from the south and Cree from the north meeting to make something great happen. For the First Nations ... read more ››