Volume 7, Issue 25

$20M Deal Finally Inked With Feds

After a long delay, the Grand Council of the Crees has signed a $20-million deal with federal Indian Affairs Minister Robert Nault for basic infrastructure first promised under the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. Ottawa promised to release the money a year ago, but there was a catch – the ... read more ››

101 Bodgegies

“Heeehheeeheehaaahaaahooohhooo”said the dentist in a sinister ghostly voice, somehow making me feel like he’s laughing all the way to the bank. “Woooooooooo..ooo.oooo.ooooohhhh…” say the little goblins after feasting on Halloween candies for a week straight, now in prone position at the dental clinic. Yup. I believe that everyone wins big time during ... read more ››

Canada: A People’s History?

If you weren’t watching the World Series last Sunday night (sorry for you Mets fans), or the latest incarnation of James Bond making the world safe from international terrorism, you might have tuned into the CBC’s mega-project for the new millennium, also known as “Canada: A People’s History.” The pre-release ... read more ››

Forestry Negotiations at “An Impasse”: Bosum

Cree negotiations with Quebec over forestry have all but broken down, and Crees have taken the first steps to crank up their court case again. “We’re at an impasse,” said a frustrated Abel Bosum, who is leading negotiations with the province. “Quebec has not shown any political will to convince us there ... read more ››

Gary Cooper Keeps on Truckin’

Somewhere on the lonely highway to La Tuque, Gary Cooper is behind the wheel of his 22-wheeler 1999 model Freightliner hauling a full load of sawdust. “There’s a different view every day,” Cooper says when asked what he likes about his job. Cooper is also doing what he does best. The 33-year-old ... read more ››

Once I was a Pirate

I see the signs of Halloween just about everywhere I go these days. I mages of ghosts and goblins are stalking the neighbourhoods. Many front yards are miniature stage settings that feature spooky characters in the familiar orange and black colours of this ancient and festive time. All this reminds me ... read more ››

SQ Probes Waskaganish Police Officer

The Sûreté du Québec internal-affairs division is investigating a Waskaganish police officer after allegations that the officer assaulted a Cree prisoner. Christopher Stephen, a Waskaganish Cree, said he was assaulted by a police officer while being detained in the community jail on Sunday, Aug. 6. “It’s not right what he did to ... read more ››

Teacher Shortage Means Missed Classes

Cree and Inuit students are missing classes because of a teacher shortage, and Quebec is doing little to help, says the northern Quebec teachers’ union. The Cree and Kativik school boards are missing more than a dozen teachers between them, said the union in a Montreal Gazette report. The union is ... read more ››

The Cree Naskapi Commission Report 2000 – An Interview with Philip Awashish, Richard Sanders and Robert Kanatewat

The Cree Naskapi Commission (CNC) has given the Canadian Government 7 reports in the past 14 years and says the federal and provincial governments are continuing to stall full implementation of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. On the Federal side the problem doesn’t seem to originate with the Ministers ... read more ››

Timmins Cultural Centre 25 Years Young

The Ojibway and Cree Cultural Centre in Timmins, Ont., celebrated its 25th anniversary October 25, basking in the encouraging words of a host of dignitaries and old friends. The event drew participants from all over the province. Highlights of the ceremonies included an official cake-cutting and guided walking tour. The cultural centre ... read more ››

To Live or Die in Araucania

The Mapuche people of Chile survived genocide, colonization and dictator Augusto Pinochet, their struggle isn’t over – tear gas and rubber bullets are flying as our reporter touches down in the middle of their direct-action movement against the government and forestry companies. “America awakens anew to the warrior song of its ... read more ››

Two New Execs Chosen at School Board

The Cree School Board has a new vice chair, Beverly Quinn, and a new executive member, Alan Happyjack. The school board’s council of commissioners filled the two positions at a meeting Oct. 25. Under new school board rules, the chair is elected by all Crees, but the positions up for grabs ... read more ››