Volume 7, Issue 22

B.C. Blockade

About 80 natives blocked a CP Rail line near Chase, B.C. to show support for the Burnt Church band of Mi’kmaq natives. Members of the Interior Alliance were protesting against the recent arrest of 14 Mi’kmaq natives for fishing in waters off New Brunswick. They say the Mi’kmaq have a ... read more ››

Boycott Lobster

Nova Scotia fishermen admit they’re nervous about a native threat to organize a lobster boycott. The Indian Brook First Nation say they’re going to ask Native casinos to boycott lobster caught by nonnatives in the area. Indian Brook is one of the other bands that didn’t sign a deal with ... read more ››

Chiapas and the Politics of Coffee

Beautiful, bewildering, treacherous Chiapas. A land where indigenous hopes have been rekindled. A land where indigenous blood-letting has been the official response ever since. With the Zapatista uprising of January 1, 1994, indigenous people in the Mexican state of Chiapas took a historic stand against the centuries of repression that their ... read more ››

Church Bankruptcy?

The Caribou Anglican diocese in British Columbia may become the first church in Canada ever to declare bankruptcy. The diocese will find out during meetings Oct 13-15 when the church will vote on it Archbishop David Crawly blames the Canadian government for dragging the church into residential school lawsuits. Only ... read more ››

DFO Breaks the Peace

Whenever a Mi’kmaq lobster trap is seized or a Mi’kmaq boat is capsized by the federal fisheries department, the waves don’t stop at the shores of Miramichi Bay. One day after former Ontario Premier Bob Rae was appointed to mediate the violent dispute over treaty rights between the Mi’kmaq of Esgenoôpetitj ... read more ››

First Year College Students

First-year college students gather from different communities to attend their first year of college in Chibougamou. Chibougamou College is primarily a French school with one English class, which is made up of native students. This is an exciting and very special step for the students. Some as young as 16 ... read more ››

Kokomville Update

Harry Wawatie, customary chief of the Barriere Lake Algonquins, says the blocking of the road by an Algonquin family has caused economic hardship for forestry workers and urged a quick settlement by all parties concerned. Wawatie said that the Barriere Lake community is looking for a peaceful and respectful co-existence. ... read more ››

Land Donated to Delaware Tribe

The stories are endless of land being taken from Native peoples but you rarely hear of it being given back. Peter Galantino, 78, gave 11.5 acres to the Delaware Tribe of Western Oklahoma. The land is located about 40 miles west of Philadelphia and used to belong to the tribe ... read more ››

Mistissini Speckle Trout Being Studied

No, Mistissini doesn’t have any problems with fishing yet but the community would like to see it stay that way. Usually it’s the government’s responsibility to do studies on fish and fauna but Mistissini First Nation got tired of waiting for government budget increases and took on the responsibility themselves. ... read more ››

No Longer a Private Sort of Guy

Just when I thought Hydro-Quebec couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything more to upset or annoy me, the letter came out of the blue. A letter that started my journey into the bowels of Hydro-Quebec hell. First you enter a purgatory where you phone and phone and phone just trying to get ... read more ››

Reporting to Eeyou/Eenou Youth…You spoke, we listened…now WE ACT!

In 1998 and 1999, representatives from the Cree Nation Youth Council (CNYC) travelled to all Cree communities, Senneterre and Washsa Sibi. We went to listen and consult with the Youth. We came to take direction. What did the Cree Youth say? Cree Youth had a realistic understanding of the current situation, and ... read more ››

Rickey Petawabino Jailed

Rickey Petawabino defended himself without the aid of a lawyer in Mistissini during the September court session. Petawabino had been charged with a number of drug-related offenses but was appearing to defend himself on the marijuana charges only. After spending 10 months in preventive custody, Petawabino learned he would be ... read more ››

Tonto No More

Well, Whatever. Rude remarks will no longer foster Tonto compte. I’m selling my body. If they price NDN bodies like NDN cars you still won’t be able to pay your way into a toilet! I’m too broke to afford eBay, or to afford an ad in the paper, so I’m advertising here. For ... read more ››

Top Ten

Top 10 Ways things would be different if Santa were Indian 10. At bedtime, kids would leave Cornsoup and frybread for the big guy 9. He would be wearing a red turtleneck to hide his hickeys 8. Santa’s new moccasins are made out of Dasher 7. Santa has to take out a ... read more ››

Using the Internet

Well, I finally got hooked up to the World Wide Web, or the internet. The experience has been incredible and although I am happy to be plugged in and on-line there are pros and cons to this technology. I notice that much more of my life is centered around the ... read more ››