Rickey Petawabino defended himself without the aid of a lawyer in Mistissini during the September court session. Petawabino had been charged with a number of drug-related offenses but was appearing to defend himself on the marijuana charges only. After spending 10 months in preventive custody, Petawabino learned he would be spending at least another eight months in jail. He is also looking at two more court appearances. One will be in Chibougamau on another drug-related offense. His second will be in Chisasibi to answer cocaine-trafficking charges. Petawabino chose to be tried by judge and jury. It is expected that this case will be a lengthy one.

Andrew Alex Blacksmith was sentenced to four months after a firearms-related incident in May. Blacksmith carried around a gun and is alleged to have pointed it at people. The Crown prosecutors have said that they plan to push for imprisonment for any present or future firearms-related incidents.