Volume 7, Issue 20

Back to Beginnings

Deep in Brazil’s Amazon basin, indigenous peoples vie with gold prospectors and settlers for control of a rich and beautiful land. The last minutes of 1999 are ticking away, and a crowd of thousands has gathered on the waterfront of the city of Macapá, capital of the northern Brazilian state of ... read more ››

Establish Guaranteed Harvest: AFN

As Canada overhauls its endangered-species legislation, the government should set aside guaranteed harvest levels for First Nations, says Matthew Coon Come, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. “It seems like every time there is a list prepared, First Nations are the first ones to be affected,” said Coon Come ... read more ››

Graduation in Nicolet

In my capacity as Co-ordinator of Cree Police Services, my duties require that I become deeply involved with various policing matters, issues and concerns. While the scope of my activities relate primarily to assisting with the resolution of problems relating to procedural and administrative aspects of the policing function, I ... read more ››

Graduation Proposal 2000 in Waswanipi

Lance Blacksmith returned to his home community of Waswanipi to attend the school graduation. He found his good friend Arnold Neesposh proposing while he was doing a report on the graduation. Here’s the scoop. Arnold. Lance Blacksmith- So, when did you plan to do this? Arnold Neeposh-I didn’t really think I was going ... read more ››

Kenneth Gilpin, Chairman

Kenneth Gilpin is the new chairman of the Fonds regional de solidarite Nord-du-Quebec. Kenneth Gilpin is currently serving as the chairman of Wabannutao Eeyou Development Corporation and he’s replacing John Kitchen, who had been chairman of Fonds regional de solidarite Nord-du-Quebec since 1997. Jean Dupuis, Air Inuit Operations Director is ... read more ››

Kokumville Barricade Hits Domtar

Members of Kokumville in La Verendrye Park have blockade a logging road. The barricade won’t hinder motorists going through La Verendrye but anyone planning to use the logging road are going to be stopped, said Kokumville leader Jacob Wattie. The Kokumville Natives say they won’t be armed and will allow ... read more ››

Leapin Lizards!

In a bizarre incident a salamander was found in front of Adrian Cheezo’s house in Eastmain. People suspect the salamander hitched a ride into the community when the grass arrived. It was the roll out a lawn version. The salamander was found soon after and is not native to the ... read more ››

Mi’kmaq Trolling for Trouble

The Mi’kmaq of Burch Church have “declared war” on the Department of Fisheries and Oceans after it seized over 700 lobster traps in a late night ocean raid Sunday August 13. Another 72 were seized without incident early the next morning. Native fishermen reported being held under guns while the ... read more ››

My Healing Journey

I would like to share my personal life experience with people out there. First of all I have been on my healing journey since August 14, 1994. At our last party of many parties, we had a big fight and I had to get medical attention. My husband was taken directly ... read more ››

No Real Deals But We’ll Study It

The Crees have agreed to study a proposal made by Hydro-Quebec for the construction of the EM-1 Project. The study is expected to take three months and will look at economic, legal and environmental issues as well as technical aspects. Though it will be a Cree study, Hydro-Quebec will provide ... read more ››

O.J. Does Expo 2000

I’m maybe the luckiest white guy around: I’ve just spent the last week in Europe, working as an Eenou roadie. What’s an Eenou roadie? Let me tell you… A couple of years ago, as the Germans were trying to figure out how to make their World’s Fair have some redeeming value -some ... read more ››


Sa-ka-eh-woon, love, has been the theme of my weekend, here on my visit to the Six Nations area to attend the wedding of my friends Rob Vokes and Brooke Bradley. Just about everywhere I looked this weekend I ran into that word, “love.” It really feels good to see people ... read more ››

The Point of no Return

The last few nights putting out the Nation have been late ones. As a result I was walking home at about one in the morning on a Wednesday night. I was feeling good as I had most of the paper ready to go. That feeling wouldn’t last. About five blocks from ... read more ››

Twenty-first Century Words

Blamestorming: Sitting around in a group and discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed — and who was responsible. Body Nazis: Hard-core exercise and weightlifting fanatics who look down on anyone who doesn’t work out obsessively. Chainsaw Consultant: An outside expert brought in to reduce the employee headcount, leaving ... read more ››