Lance Blacksmith returned to his home community of Waswanipi to attend the school graduation. He found his good friend Arnold Neesposh proposing while he was doing a report on the graduation. Here’s the scoop.


Lance Blacksmith- So, when did you plan to do this?

Arnold Neeposh-I didn’t really think I was going to do it grad night, I was thinking of other times.

What inspired you to do it that night and when are you getting married?

I don’t know, I just wanted to be with her, to grow with her, it’s something big in life. My fiancée and I haven’t talked about it yet. My mother wants us to get married on April 8 next year, but Marlene and I have to talk about it, I wouldn’t mind.

Did you both graduate this year?

No, Marlene graduated last year and I graduated this year. I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of doing what I really want to do.

How do your parents feel, when did you tell them?

I asked them to buy the ring for me and I would pay them back later. It took time.

How old are you?

I am 19 years old. Will be 20 in Jan.

How did you feel that night when you went down on your knees? Were you scared?

I felt really great. It was something I couldn’t really explain. I’m happy I got through it. First I thought. I’m scared. Then I thought about it. I asked myself and said to myself, maybe I’m scared of the greatest thing that’s ever going to happen to me.

What are you doing this year?

I’m going to college, Marlene is going too. We’re going to stay together and work on our relationship.

Arnold, one more thing, if you had a magic wand and had one wish what would you wish for?

I don’t really know, the only thing I wish for is to achieve this goal in succeeding in loving my fiancée, I think I have the potential right now.


Lance Blacksmith- Marlene, did you know Arnold was going to propose to you that night?

Marlene Otter – No, he had talked about getting married some day, but I did not know when.

Were you surprised? How did you feel that night?

Yes, I was surprised and so glad. I was happy.

How do your parents feel?

They cried, they both cried. They were very happy.

What are you going to do now?

I’m going to work hard to make this marriage right I really want to work this out because I feel so great when I’m with him. It would be an honor to work on our relationship.

Marlene, if you had a magic wand and one wish, what would you wish for?

Right now I wouldn’t wish for anything because I have everything in a guy I need. It was hard for me to look for a guy like him.

Arnold’s sister – Gloria Neeposh

Lance- What do you think about what your brother did that night?

Gloria- I’m really excited about it. I’m happy and I cried, I was so nervous. I’m happy for Arnold.

Arnold’s brother St. Clair Neeposh

Lance- What do you think of what your brother did that night?

St.Clair- The only thing I’ve got to say is I’m glad for what my brother did, he proposed to his girlfriend, Marlene Otter.

How long have they gone out and how do you feel about it.?

They gone out for a year and a couple months. They met each other when they were at a young age – 11 or 14. They were in love. They left each other and then went out again at 18. I love that, because what I wanted was my brother and I to get married at the same time, on April 8 in the year 2001.

Have you proposed to your girlfriend?

I already proposed in 1999 on April 8, I’ve been engaged for a year and a couple of months now. I want my brother standing beside me on that day. I know Arnold loves Marlene very much. I love my brother too.

Jean Berube, principal.

Lance-what do you think of the guy who proposed in the arena in front of everybody tonight?

Jean- Well, I cried. It’s the first time I have seen this. It is very moving.

Grad is so late this year. It’s supposed to be in June, Why is in August?

It is the best way for most students to participate. Some students had not passed all their courses technically. The parents and students decided it would be a good idea to move the date to August. This way, they can go to summer courses if they need to.

Where did they go to summer school?

Waskagonish. Twelve students took the course.

School Board Chairman- Mabel Herodier

Lance- What do you think of the couple who proposed that night?

Mabel- It’s hard to say, to put into words. You can never predict what love can do. It shows it is possible at a young age. To love so much and to express this in front of so many people, to be able to go through with it. I’m proud of this young man, he is going to go places.

What do you think of the graduates this year?

I’m happy for them. These days it is different for all of our students. Even to see themselves getting to this point, I’m happy for them, I’m happy for their families. Maybe because each one is going to make a difference for their community.