Kenneth Gilpin is the new chairman of the Fonds regional de solidarite Nord-du-Quebec. Kenneth Gilpin is currently serving as the chairman of Wabannutao Eeyou Development Corporation and he’s replacing John Kitchen, who had been chairman of Fonds regional de solidarite Nord-du-Quebec since 1997. Jean Dupuis, Air Inuit Operations Director is the the vice president. Gaetan Piche, Regional Reprentative of the Metalworker Union is the secretary-treasurer. The other board of directors are Jean-Louis Lefebvre, Christain Dubois, Robert Kitchen, Sammy Ducan, Ghislan Desjardins and Claude Gagne.

The Fonds regional de solidarite Nord-du-Quebecs’ mission is to invest in businesses in the James Bay region and provide support to create, maintain or protect jobs. To date the Fonds regional de solidarite Nord-du-Quebec has given out $2,095,000 in 3 years. They say this has result in creating, maintaining or protecting 120 jobs.