Volume 7, Issue 11

“Cowboy’s an Indian”

Matthew Bhgoodeo (Ash) was shepherd to a herd of cows, in the days when the Hudson’s Bay Company kept horses, chickens and cows. One day, Matthew was leading the cows to their feeding area west of Waskaganish. In the evening, after they had finished grazing, Matthew Bhgoodeo led the herd ... read more ››

21 Ways to Scalp an Indian

Methods must coincide with the type of problem. The Indian has problems peculiar to “Indians alone” and deals with a very receptive society. The Indian’s problem in solution has much of its roots in a lack of communication. As soon as the Indians become articulate enough as a people, and signs ... read more ››

Class Actions Irk Feds

Are class-action lawsuits the best way for survivors of residential schools to get justice? That question is going to be on many lips in coming months as the first class-action cases start winding their way through the courts. The federal government and lawyers for Native people are already sparring about whether class ... read more ››

Crees Address Forestry Rally in Washington

The Cree international campaign on forestry heated up last week in Washington. Cree officials addressed a rally of about 100 people against Canada’s forestry practices outside the White House last week. Afterwards, they joined a British Columbia First Nations alliance and environmental groups from the Ü.S. and Canada at a press conference ... read more ››

Crees Launch Counter-Strike in Lawsuit

Crees launched a legal counter-strike in the Mario Lord forestry lawsuit, filing an appeal of the controversial decision to remove Justice Jean-Jacques Croteau from the case. Meanwhile, due to a bureaucratic mix-up by the Quebec government, logging machines fell silent all across Quebec on April Fool’s Day. Forestry companies weren’t laughing as ... read more ››

For Linda

Most of the time I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. I have a great family who are very supportive of the road I have chosen. I have wonderful friends who guide me and care a lot for me, and everyday is a gift. One of the most ... read more ››

Nemaska Career Fair

The call came in from Martine, “So are you coming for the Career Fair in Nemaska?” she asked. I said I’d get back to her. After some thought, Neil and I decided to go. We packed up and gathered our career fair supplies. Business Cards… Check… Portfolio… Check-Posters… Check… Calendars… ... read more ››

Passing the Trash

A surprisingly large number of teachers are sexually abusing students, leaving a trail of devastated young victims, according to an extensive Ontario inquiry. Many, if not most, of the cases are never reported School authorities often don’t handle complaints seriously enough, or let sex offenders quietly move on to another ... read more ››

Recovery from Grief

There was a time in my life that I missed. I feel that I need to share my story to be of help to those that are in need of support. I went through a long grieving process when I lost my father, November 9, 1987 and my mother, January ... read more ››

Silence on Spousal Abuse a Big Problem

Silence might be golden, but not when it comes to domestic violence. Too often, Cree families and community members are reluctant to talk about spousal abuse and to support battered women, because they find the situation embarrassing. That’s the consensus of Cree health workers and police, who say attitudes to spousal abuse ... read more ››

Walkers Raise $95,000

About $95,000 was raised to fight a rare Cree brain disease in the Winter Journey fundraising campaign, which saw 42 people walk from as far as Waswanipi and Mistissini to Nemaska. Ottawa refuses to fund research into Cree Leukoencephalitis (or Awaash Aahkusuwin Aakaa Chii Nitikuhtaach in Cree), which has claimed 21 ... read more ››

Winter Journey

We met up with James Gunner and seven of his walkers on the Route due Nord heading towards Nemaska. It was April 4th and it was a nice warm day. We talked with James and he said that it was hard to walk without snow and that was why they ... read more ››