Volume 7, Issue 5

“I love my land”

When I first read Abel Jolly’s affidavit in the Mario Lord forestry court case, I was a little stunned to realize something that has always stared me in the face. You might say I couldn’t see the forest for the lack of trees. I realized what is happening to the Crees ... read more ››

Flu Season

What you don’t know about the flu could seriously harm yourself or someone you love. The flu virus is a real epidemic this winter and has been affecting many people I know from up the James Bay coast and around my circle of friends in northern Ontario. People are getting ... read more ››

Inuit Sue For $18.7M

Forty two Inuit are suing the Canadian government for $18.7 million, claiming physical, psychological and sexual abuse while they attended a federally run residential school in northern Quebec in the 1960s. The Inuit say they were forcibly taken from their homes and taken to the school in Inukjuak, and forbidden from ... read more ››

It is not the Nation’s standard policy…

It is not the Nation’s standard policy, nor that of most newsmagazines, to reply to letters, whether they are critical or full of praise. But whoever accused The Nation of being your run-of-the-mill newsmagazine. So in this case we decided to make yet another exception and answer the letter’s questions, ... read more ››

Montreal Super Snowcross

“Il est fou!” The lady behind us exclaimed. The crazy guy in question was Serge Audet. Serge was competing in the Montreal Super Snowcross which was held January 16 at the Molson Centre. Snow had been dumped into the rink area of the Centre. A snowmobile track had been laid ... read more ››

No Boycott But Daishowa Back in Court

A boycott that hurt multinational forestry corporation Daishowa was ended when Daishowa agreed not to cut on Lubicon Cree lands in western Canada as long as the Cree land claims were outstanding. Daishowa went so far as to give up cutting rights to the land. Why then, ask the Friends of ... read more ››

Now That’s Da Bomb!

This article appeared in the Mexican daily La Jornada on January 3.(Translated by Duane Ediger.) CHIAPAS, MEXICO — The Zapatista Air Force today attacked the Mexican Federal Army encampment here with paper airplanes. Some flew well and manoeuvered themselves right into the dormitories, hidden by vegetation and large black plastic sheeting. ... read more ››

Prevention: to stop (something) happening or (someone) doing something.

What do you do when someone talks to you about what happened to them? Every now and then people phone us to talk about things happening in the communities. They tend to ask us to do something. It’s a little hard to come up with concrete solutions or simply just ... read more ››

Provincial Report Rips Forestry Policies

Logging companies are out of control, and the government lacks the resources to do much about it, say the Quebec government’s own forestry bureaucrats. In a scathing report from Quebec’s Natural Resources Ministry, the bureaucrats admit they don’t know if logging companies are cutting sustainably, and they lack information on what’s ... read more ››

Quebec Appeals Croteau Forestry Ruling

As predicted, Quebec has appealed Justice Jean-Jacques Croteau’s scathing judgement in the Cree forestry court case. Quebec is arguing that the Superior Court judge overstepped his bounds and made a ruling before all the evidence was in. On Dec. 20, Croteau ruled that Quebec’s forest regime violates Cree rights. He gave Quebec ... read more ››