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Cree camps deliver literacy achievements

Back for a third year to prevent summer learning loss for the children of Eeyou Istchee, the Frontier College and Cree School Board Summer Literacy Camps have even stronger results to present after a summer of reading, writing and fun-based learning for kids in nine of the Cree communities. According to ... read more ››

Inuit designs gain ground in the global marketplace

Coveted in the north for their exquisite designs, Inuit-made sealskin goods and parkas have a deserved reputation for quality and warmth. Created by the Makavik Corporation with the help of Victoria Okpik from Quaqtaq, Nunavik Creations produces traditional Inuit-designed parkas, luxurious fur coats and sophisticated accessories for an international market. Makavik recruited ... read more ››

Dorothy Grant blends Haida culture into her fashion designs

For over 30 years, Dorothy Grant has created extraordinary fashion designs that meld Haida art with contemporary trends. Her new creations include a light-blue, silk evening gown with eagle prints and a smart, black suit with a wolf design embroidered on the lapels. Grant said that many of buyers over the years ... read more ››

Listen to that song playing on the radio.

Listen to that song playing on the radio. What’s it about? Pick out a book on the shelf. What’s it about? That movie you’re watching. What’s it about. Pick up that newspaper. What’s the story about? Chances are they are about love. Okay, maybe not the newspaper story. It’s probably ... read more ››

Provincial Report Rips Forestry Policies

Logging companies are out of control, and the government lacks the resources to do much about it, say the Quebec government’s own forestry bureaucrats. In a scathing report from Quebec’s Natural Resources Ministry, the bureaucrats admit they don’t know if logging companies are cutting sustainably, and they lack information on what’s ... read more ››

“I love my land”

When I first read Abel Jolly’s affidavit in the Mario Lord forestry court case, I was a little stunned to realize something that has always stared me in the face. You might say I couldn’t see the forest for the lack of trees. I realized what is happening to the Crees ... read more ››