Volume 6, Issue 20

25th Annual General Assembly

The ancient James Bay Cree tradition of passing an anti-Hydro Development resolution was broken at this year’s assembly in Whapmagoostui. Ironically, it was in this very same community that the resolution originated ten years earlier. The resolution, usually passed quickly and unanimously at every assembly, went through the test this time. ... read more ››

25th Annual General Assembly – Resolutions

You say you wanna resolution Trappers assistance fund Trappers may finally get some relief from forestry. Once again, the AGA has passed a resolution supporting a Cree Tallymen and Trappers Interim Forestry Assistance Program. The program was supported last year too, but the Board of Compensation refused to pay for it. Now, ... read more ››

Building Canoes in Whapmagoostui

“My power comes from my leg,” he said. “See that guy over there?… His leg is not well either so he learns very easily.” Steven Sheshamush talked of his skills as a carver. He uses a crutch to walk around. He said the problem with his leg gives him the power ... read more ››

Eastmain open to H-Q deal: newspaper

Val d’Or’s L’Echo newspaper reports that the people of Eastmaln are open to Hydro-Quebec’s proposed Eastmaln hydro project. The newspaper ran a story on July 28 with this headline: “The Crees of Eastmain are interested In a partnership.” It quotes Eastmain Chief Kenneth Gilpin speaking favourably about the $2-billion-plus project, which would ... read more ››

God was watching over her

On a mild winter night, my niece was brought home by two police officers. She had been drinking and was found lying in the snow. I think it was by the grace of God that the person who found her decided to smoke outside. The lady said, “She saw a person ... read more ››

Keeshig goes belly-up

Air Creebec’s latest competitor on the west coast of James Bay has gone out of business. Keeshig Airlines, in operation for just a year, ceased its flights on August 10. It ran daily flights up the James Bay west coast. That brings to five the number of rival airlines that have gone ... read more ››

Matthew not running again

It is the end of an era. After 12 years as Grand Chief, Matthew Coon Come has decided to call it quits and won’t be running again for another term in the August 31 election. Matthew kept getting re-elected with no problems and most people believe he could have won again ... read more ››

Moose Factory returns Ernest Beck 4th time

Ernest Beck has been elected to a fourth term as chief of the Moose Cree First Nation with 73 percent of the vote. Thelma Cheechoo-Moore, his opponent, got 27 percent in the August 18 election. In all, 518 voters cast a ballot out of 1,104 eligible, for a turnout of 47 percent. Charlie ... read more ››

Time for a change

Robert Weistche was elected-as chief of Waskaganish in a landslide vote on August 13. He was already busy with his chiefly duties when we caught up with him during his second day on the job. -Alex Roslin Congratulations! Thank you. So how do you feel? That’s a loaded question. (laughter) Different emotions – different feelings. ... read more ››

United we stand

It could be that the strength of our Aboriginal voice recently got a lot stronger with a signing of the joint protocol agreement between the Assembly First Nations, in Canada, and the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), from the United States of America. This historical agreement was signed July ... read more ››

We are witnessing a revolution…

We are witnessing a revolution in Cree politics with this election in more ways than one. Or is your head so far up your butt that you didn’t notice the election styles becoming more and more like the US presidential and the Canadian campaigns. Check out the candidate’s ads in this ... read more ››

Weistche wave wins Waskaganish

Robert Weistche rode a tidal wave of support into his new job as chief of Waskaganish on a platform of change. With a record turnout nearly three times the usual number, Weistche cruised into the position with 294 votes, or 49 percent. Weistche got more votes than the entire turnout in elections ... read more ››

What, me vote?

What did you do in the election? your grandchildren may ask you one day. If you’re like most Crees, one thing you didn’t do is vote. Because of ultra-low election turnouts, most Cree elected officials get in with only a tiny fraction of the total eligible vote. Less than half registered voters ... read more ››