Volume 6, Issue 16

A berry good time

Summer is here and the spring fishing has quieted down to a dull roar, right? Wrong! There is good fishing almost anywhere in the four directions. Although sometimes you have to bribe the old timers into getting them to share some of their fishing secrets, or you could just get ... read more ››

And now for the news…

Warriors trial lawyers question toilet situation For more fine news items from across Indian Country and beyond, please consult NATIVE_NEWS at ishgooda@tdi.net on the internet. They offer a free subscription with Native news updates three times a day. -Ed Conspiracy trial digs slammed By Kathleen Martens (source: WINNIPEG SUN) June 17, 1999 WINNIPEG – A ... read more ››

Big victory in tax case

In a major victory for Native tax rights, the Federal Court of Canada has struck down Revenue Canada guidelines on taxing Native people working off-reserve. The judge ruled it doesn’t matter where an employee lives or where the work is performed, so long as the business is based on a reserve. ... read more ››

Claims worry Feds

The federal government is complaining about the high cost of settling claims by Native people abused at residential schools. Anticipating an average settlement of $100,000, the Feds face a bill of up to $330 million on just the 3,375 existing lawsuits and four class-action suits filed against Ottawa and the churches ... read more ››

Film freaks out foresters

Quebec’s forestry industry is in panic mode about the film L’Erreur Boréale. The film, by poet-singer Richard Desjardins, portrays a devastating picture of how clearcutting affects the environment. It has caused a storm of controversy in Quebec, which doesn’t seem to be dying down after many months. La Presse reports the industry has ... read more ››

H-Q charges ahead on Churchill 2

Newfoundland Premier Brian Tobin is excited over the potential $1-billion profit from a new deal signed by Hydro-Quebec and Newfoundland Hydro. The money will come in over the next 40 years and involves increasing production at the Upper Churchill Falls project. The Churchill Falls project will operate at full capacity even ... read more ››

H-Q signs with Innu

Hydro-Quebec and the Betsiamites Innu First Nations are forming a partnership on a new hydro-electric project in Quebec’s North Shore area. The $82-million project involves the partial diversion of three rivers: the Portneuf, Sault-aux-Chochons and Manouane. The local band will cough up 17 per cent of the cost. An agreement was signed ... read more ››

Indian wars heat up

The Indian Wars are not over, according to the American Indian Movement. The latest casualties are two Native men found murdered and mutilated, with their bodies dumped on the Pine Ridge Reserve in South Dakota. The murders have provoked an outcry over police brutality toward Native people in the area. Rumours ... read more ››

Looking for the other side

I was reading a book recently and a passage caught my eye. The story was about two countries that were going to go to war over a piece of land. One of the councillors asks the head honcho why people were going to this area. He said it was “because they ... read more ››

Nurses too busy to strike

Nurses across Quebec briefly walked off the job and threatened to go on an illegal strike for better work conditions and complaints about being highly overworked. Ironically, in the North, nurses are so overworked they can’t even think about going on strike. “We support the demands of the nurses in the south. ... read more ››

Peltier back in court

Native prisoner Leonard Peltier’s case will be heard once again. The last time Peltier was in court it was 1993. This time it’s something new in the annals of American law. A hearing will be heard on whether the U.S. Parole Commission denial Peltier his rights. Peltier is considered to be a political ... read more ››

People deserve the politicians they elect.

People deserve the politicians they elect It’s election year for the Cree Nation(s). People who are interested in such things have been wondering who’s in the running this year. Is Matthew Coon Come running again? Does he have the desire? Is Kenny Blacksmith already positioning himself? He’s been extremely vocal of ... read more ››

Tallymen fear impacts of hydro project

Tallymen are worried about how their traplines would be damaged by Hydro-Quebec’s proposed $2-billion-plus Rupert-Eastmain hydro project. They say surviving in the bush will be much harder, if not impossible, for their families and future generations. All Crees will be affected in one way or another. Two tallymen from Waskaganish and one ... read more ››

The great outdoors

The great outdoors has always been a part of my life since I was born and I hope it will stay that way ’till I pass on. The law of the land does have its own way of doing things and in most cases almost anything can happen. Don’t get ... read more ››

The Makah Whale Hunt

One time many years ago I had the opportunity to sample of piece of muktuk. I didn’t much care for it because it had a faintly fishy taste and the same rubbery consistency of whale blubber. That’s probably because muktuk is whale blubber. But I try my best never to allow my ... read more ››

The Twisted Saga of Dudley George’s Death

Ever since Dudley George, an unarmed Native protester, was killed on Sept. 6, 1995, by an Ontario Provincial Police officer, things have gotten really confusing. The original protest was over the desecration of ancestral burial grounds at Ipperwash Provincial Park by 24 unarmed First Nations people, including men, women and children. The ... read more ››

Trapping Old Sly

Many trappers consider it a challenge to catch the wily old red. Catching a fox is a good day at the office. The red fox is not always an easy critter to catch. In fact. If you don’t know how to properly trap one, it can be very frustrating. I ... read more ››

Who causes the darkness?

There is an incredibly high rate of First Nation people incarcerated in jails across this country and it makes me think something is seriously wrong. I relate this to the situation in the United States where most people in jails are from the visible minorities. But good lord, this is ... read more ››