The great outdoors has always been a part of my life since I was born and I hope it will stay that way ’till I pass on. The law of the land does have its own way of doing things and in most cases almost anything can happen. Don’t get me wrong, the outdoors is a wondrous place to experience.

Many a tale has come from writers and storytellers depicting their journeys into the wilderness. Well, I like to tell my stories to those who are willing to sit around a camp fire sipping tea and listening to the loons sing at night, or standing on the ice waiting for lunch to come along and bite the old minnow.

This is what inspired me to write about some of the experiences I have encountered in my life. Stories that come from my younger years when I was trying to figure out how to snare my first rabbit, to later years and hunts where moose were so close I almost had to push them back to shoot them.

I can tell you other stories about the years I’ve spent on the trapline. If any of you folks have not had the experience of trapping you will probably enjoy some of these tales. Most of the stories are a bit on the humourous side and if you are a young buck just starting to trap wild critters, well it might be educational. For you older folks, it just might bring back a few “remember whens.”

By the way, I had to ask my partner to assist me in the writing end of things. If someone were to look at my school records they would know that my grammar left a little to be desired. I always thought my grammar was the person who packed my lunch and made the best frybread in the world. Hey, writers have to get their start someplace.

Well, enough of the small talk. Why don’t we just jump right into this. I’m not going to give you a play-by-play of my life but instead I’ll jump all over the place and pass on the memories as they happen, so bear with me.