Volume 4, Issue 25

A Tribute To My Best Friend, James A. Shecapio

In Loving memory of a personal Friend and Colleague At this time, I can only thank the Lord, our maker, to have blessed me with a friend, a friend to grow to admire, respect and most of all to Love. It is very difficult for me, at this time, to accept ... read more ››

Community Assets

George Shecapio can be seen around the community of Mistissini. He collects not garbage but the valuables thrown out every day. He sorts through disposed material from the schools, fishing out aluminum pop cans. He also checks out the roadside for the cans. Each one that he takes makes the ... read more ››

Grieving After the Loss of my Son, Benjamin

When I heard of another young man’s passing recently, I felt I needed to share with those who are grieving. I hope that it may bring some comfort to them. Susan E. I want to share with you my experience of the pain and grief after losing a second son to ... read more ››

Hydro-Cree Cold War Heats Up

Whapmagoostui is back in international waters in its fight against the idea that Hydro-Quebec might endanger their river and homeland. A tour was recently launched to draw attention the issue in the U.S. On October 14 at Dartmouth College, the official tour launch was off and running. The tour is designed ... read more ››

No Rest For The Wicked

Hydro-Quebec must think I’m the most outspoken, never-say-die opposition they have. I feel the majority of my editorials in some way deals with them and the impacts that they have on the Crees in some way. “Give it a rest,” I can almost hear them saying. Unfortunately this is the real ... read more ››

Rez Notes

To the Editor: Re: Rez Notes this issues. NEMASKA – This is to inform you that there will not be a Rez Notes this issue. The reason, or rather the reasons, being that… well… frankly, I just can’t be bothered with it right now. I have too many things on my mind. ... read more ››

We Are The People, Lucien Bouchard Cries Out!

We are Eeyou/Eenou, we cry out! We are Inuit, our northern brothers and sisters cry out. We are Innu, the Montagnais cry out. I thought that is what a group of persons are called, I cry out. Wow, the debate over distinct society, distinct peoples, distinction leads to extinctions, I say. Whatever amounts to ... read more ››