In Loving memory of a personal Friend and Colleague

At this time, I can only thank the Lord, our maker, to have blessed me with a friend, a friend to grow to admire, respect and most of all to Love. It is very difficult for me, at this time, to accept the fact that your earthly station is complete but it gives me peace to know that you are passing on to a better world, a world of eternal peace and Love. Through faith, I have come to believe that our stations on earth are brief and are predetermined by a master architect. You have been recalled back home to be forever with the Lord, our God. You and Amanda are now at home in the everlasting arms of Love with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

You might have left this world, but I know you will always be with us in heart and spirit. James, I am very grateful to have known you, and the friendship we shared, I will forever cherish. Your passing on from this world was so sudden and very hard to believe. One day we’re talking, joking around as usual and having fun. Next day you’re gone. It hurts me to see you go, my friend. James, you and Amanda will always be in our hearts.

My friend, James, you have touched my life in so many ways which I am very thankful for. You were more than a friend to me, James. You were like a brother. You were always there for me when I needed someone. You were a friend I could count on to pull me through, through life’s trials. You lifted me up when I was down and out, chained in the bondage of alcoholism. You instilled the pride in me to get up, stand on my feet and walk a sober life. Thank You for all the good times and the years that we had shared together, as childhood friends, colleagues and friends forever.

As a colleague, you have inspired me, through your Love to help others and serve your people to the utmost of your God-given abilities and talents. You were a man of great vision and leadership. You have left us with a legacy to think not what the community can do for us but rather what we, as individuals, can do for the community. Although, most of the time, your work was done through voluntary service, you persevered and never ceased to quit. As a colleague, I know that you did not work for recognition or prestige, but rather, through you big heart, were serving one master. I believe that the reward that you have fought for on this earth has been awarded and your efforts crowned.

You are an inspiration to us all and your spirit will live on with us as we strive to serve one master. I wish you a last farewell my friend. You and Amanda are now at home in heaven in God’s Kingdom. Some day we will meet again, my friend… Forever your friend, Andrew Neeposh…

A lesson to be learned from passing away of a personal friend so close is that sometimes we take life for granted and this really hits hard when the news comes.

Written the day following the funeral service for James and Amanda.