George Shecapio can be seen around the community of Mistissini. He collects not garbage but the valuables thrown out every day. He sorts through disposed material from the schools, fishing out aluminum pop cans. He also checks out the roadside for the cans. Each one that he takes makes the community that much more beautiful as well as helping the environment.

He’s even helping to save electricity. High amounts of electricity are needed to produce aluminum. By recycling the can he is helping to save the environment and diminish the need for the Great Whale and Rupert hydro-electric projects. Shecapio says he found most of the cans with the tabs off. He told The Nation one youngster had been collecting the tabs for money and asked him if it was true they weren’t worth anything.

Well, they aren’t worth much at 40 cents a pound, but the cans are. “It’s a little money for the kids,” says Shecapio.

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