Volume 4, Issue 21

Between Friends (with Deantha Edmunds)

What’s hot and what’s not in women’s hairstyles today? I spoke with several stylists at different downtown Montreal salons to find out… Continental Coiffeurs Elle et Lui – Alexis Nihon $28 – shampoo, cut and blowdry OUT: long frizzy permed hair IN: short straight hair, the new Rachel look NOTE: For ... read more ››

Coke Plot Foiled

Four men were arrested in Iqaluit on charges of conspiracy to import cocaine from Columbia. Police seized 107 grams of cocaine in the community and also charged one of the men with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Police said a group of Iqaluit men was buying coke in ... read more ››

Cree Connection in Davis Inlet Scandal

When allegations of bribes forced Katie Rich to resign as chief of Davis Inlet, most Innu knew there was a Cree connection. But few people in the Cree world know what happened. How did a Cree company find itself in the middle of a scandal that has divided Davis Inlet for ... read more ››

Defining our World

It is said that a society defines its world by giving names to the things within its world, Iyiyuuch are no different. Everywhere one goes there are names for a particular piece of land or water. As Iyiyuuschii came into being so too did the names. The Quebec government has proposed ... read more ››

For the record…

For the record and just so I don’t get asked years from now where I was when I heard about the death of Princess Diana, I’ll have you know I was at Roger’s Four In One eatery in Nemaska covering the Fitness Challenge. Read all about it on pages 12 ... read more ››

Lasagna Vindicated

Seven years after the Oka Crisis, three officers of the Surete du Quebec were found guilty of using excessive force in the arrest of Ronald “Lasagna” Cross of Kahnawake. As the protesters emerged from behind the barricades at Oka, police grabbed Cross and took him to a tent where they severely ... read more ››

Me and Mr. Jones

Growing up in Northern Manitoba in the early 60’s, my Dad was and still is a big country music fan. Of course, I listened to the great country stars of that time, Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash, Hank Snow, and of course, George Jones. I can remember one album cover ... read more ››

Quebec: Roi de Acid Rain

Quebec is one of the world’s worst culprits for acid rain, says a United Nations agency that is monitoring the problem. A world-wide campaign to reduce acid rain is helping clean up Europe, but much of Canada and the U.S. hasn’t shown any progress and the pollution is getting worse in ... read more ››

The Healing Gathering

This issue is about “The Healing Gathering” that was held in Waswanipi on July 29, 30, 31. I’m not too good at writing about conferences, because I don’t write down notes, but only listen. But I will tell you about what I observed and learned. The Gathering was done the traditional ... read more ››

To: You Know Who You Are

Your islands will one day, again, be our mountains. You have, once again, humiliated us. You have, once again, slapped us in the face. You have, once again, provoked us. Once again, we have to reply. More and more our options are whittled down. You know that. You know what you are ... read more ››

Up for the Challenge

It’s a nice day for a Cree race. The icy lake is a mirror, the sky blue and the sun burns as the people of Nemaska gather at the shore of Champion Lake. They are here to witness the spectacle of nine Cree men and women swimming, biking, portaging, paddling and ... read more ››

Victory Celebrated Over Voisey Mine

The Innu and Inuit have achieved a victory as big as the famous Cree court victory over Hydro-Quebec in 1973. After a six-day protest at Voisey’s Bay, the Newfoundland Court of Appeal has stopped work on a massive nickel mine near Innu and Inuit burial grounds. The victory came after almost 300 ... read more ››