What’s hot and what’s not in women’s hairstyles today? I spoke with several stylists at different downtown Montreal salons to find out…

Continental Coiffeurs Elle et Lui – Alexis Nihon $28 – shampoo, cut and blowdry OUT: long frizzy permed hair IN: short straight hair, the new Rachel look NOTE: For dry, permed or coloured hair, do a deep conditioning treatment twice a week. How often should you trim? Short hair: every six weeks Long hair: every two months.

St. Laurent Coiffure Inc. – Promenades de la Cath├ędrale $45 – shampoo, cut and blowdry

OUT: thick wide streaks of blond, super short, razor-cut hair long over the ears, last year’s Rachel look

IN: two-tone highlights that create dimensional effects, shoulder-length shags with layers, softer geometric shapes, bobs that are feathered and layered to give more feminine style, side parts NOTE: Curls are back! This year from London: corkscrew curls, shoulder-length spirals with bangs and fringes, short tight curls to frame the face.

All of the hairdressers I spoke to recommended using only salon products, but for those of us who can’t afford the 15-20 bucks for a small bottle of specialty shampoo, try Neutrogena. Be sure to check the PH level of any shampoo you use. It should be 7. Anything higher is too harsh. Also, 2-in-1 products are bad for your hair, especially Pantene for permed dry hair. It feels like it’s healthy for your hair, but it actually leaves a huge wax build-up on your hair, which prevents your other styling products (gel, mousse, spray) from working. They just add another coat on top of the shampoo buildup.

It is very important to find a hairstylist you can trust. He or she can tell you what styles will best suit your face shape and personality. For example, if you are a very active person, go for a sporty cut that doesn’t demand a lot of styling and maintenance. Short people with short necks should wear their hair short, but if you want to keep the length, get it feathered to eliminate weight and add volume. Do what’s best for your natural hair. If you have straight hair, don’t try to change it-keep it straight and get a cut that suits the shape of your face. Bring out the best in you!