Volume 4, Issue 5

A Survivor’s Story

Speaking and sharing about an abuse is a part of healing. Daisy Ratt tells us about her abuses, and by her having the courage to speak so openly she shows us that silence can be broken. And for many of us, we are given by her words the hope and that light. —Marilyn ... read more ››

An invasion of muskoxen…

An invasion of muskoxen… oxes?… oxi? The usual UFO sightings. A close encounter with Jimmy Herman. Cree brave urinates on a Val d’Or police cruiser. Juvenile delinquents arrested at Chisasibi “commercial.” A postcard from Cuba. Reader’s poll comments. Film at eleven. I miss those dramatic intros to T.V. news shows back ... read more ››

Canada Blamed For Crisis

Indian Affairs has to accept blame for the escalating crisis in Barrière Lake, says Robert Kanatewat. Kanatewat, a Cree businessman and former chief, was one of two Native Elders on the federal government’s mediation team working to resolve the Barrière Lake situation. He said Barrière Lake is desperately short of Indian Affairs ... read more ››

Go South, HQ!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Once again, Hydro-Quebec is trying to sell power to the U.S. after it got a black eye the last time when it ran into opposition from the Crees and environmentalists. The U.S. and Quebec have both started deregulating their energy markets, which ... read more ››

Neglected Burial Sites Get Needed Care

William Iserhoff Jr. of South Porcupine and Bill Heavener of Cochrane are already thinking about summer. The two men are working on a project to give facelifts to forgotten Native burial grounds in the area, starting with the Moose River Cemetery in Canfield Township which they want to see cleaned up ... read more ››

Spin City in the Hinterlands

Journalists, you gotta love ’em. What inspires them to write what they write, sometimes God only knows. Consider the question of forestry. How does the media in Canada cover the forestry industry and its effects on the environment? The Nation looked into how the 13 largest Canadian newspapers cover forestry. We discovered ... read more ››

Story on a Community

Once there was a thriving community, and one day two brothers were out fishing. While they were out fishing they found two shining balls floating on the water. They took these balls home with them. When they got home they realized these balls were eggs because they hatched. The two ... read more ››

Two Tallymen Speak Out on Forestry – “There Is Nobody There To Help Us”

An agreement like the JBNQA is needed to protect Crees and their way of life from forestry, said two tallymen who recently spoke with The Nation. Philip Saganash and his brother Malcolm Saganash are the tallymen of two traplines in the northern part of the Waswanipi territory, W9 and W5D. The ... read more ››

Unexpected Visitors from Montreal

Chisasibi residents were recently surprised to find a pair of wayward Montreal youths allegedly selling drugs in the commercial centre and spending what turned out to be counterfeit money. After a week in town, apparently staying with some local residents, one of the youths was picked up by police and charged ... read more ››

Watch the Ice

Fourteen snowmobilers have died so far this winter season while riding, announced the coroner’s office. Last year, 31 snowmobilers died between Nov. 1995 and March 1996. After examining the deaths last year and this year, the coroner’s office concludes that many of them were preventable. In most cases, the factors were ... read more ››